Monica’s Neo-Victorian Wardrobe: Accessory Thursday With Shoes, Parasols & Hats

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Printable paper doll accessories including shoes and hats! Also available in black and white. From

It’s Accessory Thursday! Yay!

But to come down from the high for a moment, it has occurred to me that I’m not really sure how to write a pseudo-19th century fashion plate description of these pieces.

So, instead, I thought I would wax philosophical about accessories. In the real work, I am not a big accessories girl, but in the paper doll world, I just love them. Back when I was a kid, I had a paper doll book called, The Victorian Cat Family. It was an amazing paper doll book with literally thousands of fantastic tiny accessories all of which I painstakingly cut out.

Oh, the memories… Still love that book.

Anyway, I’m not the greatest artist when it comes to non-clothing items, but I try to spice things up with parasols, hats and shoes. Part of the fun of hats is that they change up an outfit. Also, I just love love love drawing paper doll shoes.

(Yes, I realize that is a kinda quirky thing to love. No, I am not ashamed.)

If you missed Monday, you might need a doll to wear theses fun shoes. Here’s Monica all ready for her neo-Victorian wardrobe.


  1. I have two copies of the Victorian Cat Family…one cut out and one not. My daughter and I built the cats their own dollhouse. You’re right, a wonderful book. We still have the box o’dolls and all their stuff.

    Really enjoyed the neo-Victorian wardrobe; thank you! I wonder if I can customize it to fit the cats…

  2. I have the Victorian cat family paper doll book too! It’s a wonderful book. I also had a Victorian mice book with lots of accessories I really loved too.

  3. *snort* “not the greatest artist” for accessories?!? Oh, hon. You’ve got serious talent! I LOVE this blog! (I even subscribed, and I’ve only done that one other time!)

  4. I adore this set, because I’ve always loved Victorian fashion. One thing I’ve noticed in the fashion plates (or books) is that sometimes they showed a formal dress with another top that would work for an informal situation using the same skirt, so there was more versatility in a wardrobe. I think it would translate to a lot of different time periods and make it easier for you to make super versatile gowns and without having so much to draw.
    I LOVE this blog, just so you know. I like your new idea of a doll a week with different outfits per day, it draws out the excitement and is super fun!

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