Isadora Goes to Prom: Part 3

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Two short prom dresses for the Mini-Maidens paper dolls. Print and color from

Two paper doll dresses today for the prom going paper dolls. (Here’s Isadora whose got the hair-do for these dresses)

So, in my prom dress research, I learned that short prom dresses are in right now. I’ll confess, I don’t like short dresses. I am a maxi lenght girl, but I’m also pretty tall. I have been told by my height challenged friends that short dresses are nice when you’re not tall.

(I have no clue what it feels like to not be tall, but I trust my non-tall friends to know things about being short that I will never know.)

Anyhow, the prom trend for short dresses seems like a nice option for people who don’t like long dresses. The paper doll dress on the right is a more sophisticated cocktail sort of option. Very modern with that obi-sash detail. The paper doll dress on the left is actually a take on a dress I drew years ago for this Marisole Monday Prom Paper Doll set back in 2010.

So, my question is, who was into short dresses for their prom? I wasn’t, but I suspect I have readers who went the short dress route.

So, tell me in a comment. I’m quite curious.

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  1. I’m 4’11”, but I loved long dresses. High enough heels underneath and I felt positively almost average height! LOL!
    I’m really loving the new format. I love looking forward to a new dress every day!

    1. One of my best friends in high school wore 3 inch heels every day. I asked her why and her reply was that it made her over five foot. 🙂

  2. I like long dresses too, but I’m 5’8″ so that may have something to do with it. But I think I’d still like them even if I were shorter.

    And ditto to loving the new format! It is so much fun to see what is new each day.

  3. Prom was a long time ago for me, and I’ve always been a long dress gal (even in my teens, I just didn’t have the legs for short dresses). I think the first short dress I saw for proms was ten years ago when my daughter was still in high school. It was cute, but dressy, so I see nothing wrong with it. The “little black dress” has been a thing for decades, so who’s to say you can’t have a “little whatever color you want dress”?

  4. Didn’t go to prom, but if I had it would have been in a long dress. I’m 5’3″ but have never been into short dresses. Too much Laura Ingalls as a child, I think: those Garth Williams pictures of her aunts in 1860s dresses, sigh. I still wear long skirts, no pants, by choice. Beware early book influences in children; you never know what will happen.

  5. I went to prom junior and senior year and wore one of each length. I loved both, but I am fairly short and I found the fit of the short dress easier to fudge. If a mini dress was a bit longer than mini it wasn’t as obvious as when an ankle length dress hit the floor. Also, if I’d gotten a long dress that needed the straps and/or hem taken up, the tailoring probably would have busted my budget. (I can hem and fix straps on most things, but it seems like prom dress are made out of materials that are difficult to work with on my mother’s 1974 avocado green sewing machine.)

    1. That’s where having a mother who was a seamstress was handy! lol. She could alter anything and it was as good as any professional.

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