Hiatus for April


So, as you might have guessed from the graphic, the blog will be in haitus from April 1st until March 2nd. I’m making this annoucement today, not tomorrow (the last day in March), because I know people expect a Wenesday post and I thought more people would see it.

Why a Haitus? You ask.

Well, I’ve been struggling to build up the sort of backlog of paper dolls I really need to maintain the schedule I want to maintain. Futhermore, there’s some complicated things going on in my life both personally and professionally. This will give me a month to work on backlog without having to worry about how I don’t have something ready for Monday or Friday.

It is my hope that the mental space will allow me to experiment with some new things.

When Will I return?

I’ll be back on Monday the 2nd of May with the usual Marisole Monday post.

Any questions or thoughts? Let me know.

You can still, of course, contact me via email at paperthinpersonas@gmail.com.

While you’re waiting for my return, why not check out some of the archives? There’s over 500 pages of paper dolls on the site, so there should be some you’re never seen. The Magnetic & Printable Paper Doll Index breaks them down by subject and theme, or you can just work through the monthly archives. Though the archives start with December 2009, there was no paper doll that month, so might I advise starting with January 2010.


  1. Okay, I know you are in a self-proclaimed hiatus right now, but i couldn’t help but notice this. the only dolls you have of hunters, are fantasy, and none of them would work in the real world, even metaphorically. I think it kind of promotes the “hunting is a guy thing” image, and I reallyreallyreally hate that idea. if you want to do this, and I seriously hope you will, please make her brown haired, with a practical pony tail or braid, and no pink camo. Pink camo may look nice, but when you do not want to be seen, it is the single most impractical, horrible idea ever, after solid pink 4-10s. the only other thing i have to add here, please put in a shotgun, rifle, or compound bow, and maybe a gutting knife.

    1. Well, you certainly have noticed something that I never noticed.

      I went back and forth on how to respond to this comment. To most requests, I just add them to my list of requests and then move on, but your remark about the tendency to assume hunting is a male activity got me thinking, so I thought I should address that.

      If I am promoting the idea “hunting is a guy thing” by not having a realistic hunter paper doll, I’d like to point out that there is a long list of activities for which I have never drawn a paper doll. Requests which I have never made include Doctor, Cowboy (or girl, I suppose), Policeman and Fireman. By not having these things, I suppose I am supporting the belief that women can’t be Doctors, Firemen or Policemen, but I hope most of my readers recognize that ever paper doll I create isn’t out of a desire to break down stereotypes, but rather the result of me feeling like drawing frilly princess dresses or absurd fencing costumes.

      Now, if we want to discuss larger societal issues, I do agree that there is a cultural assumption in the US than women do not hunt as often as men (I suspect the statistics bare this to be true, but I haven’t checked), so I agree that there is not enough of an effort made to make hunting a gender neutral activity. Growing up in Alaska, hunting was just part of life. Most people I knew hunted, though I never really had any interest in it.

      I believe every person should be the change they want to see in the world. If it bothers you that there are no female hunter paper dolls in the world, I encourage you to create one. All you need to make a paper doll is a pencil, some paper and some time. The trouble with asking another person to solve a problem you observe, is that it relies on the other person being available. Considering the long list of requests I get, I could never make all of them and still draw things I want to draw.

      At times, I do consider saying, “no more requests”, but that seems mean and I do like seeing what people suggest. I just fear that I rarely actually get to the things people request. I would say I do maybe two or three requests a year, but I get dozens. This year alone, I have gotten a dozen through comments or email.

      One last thought, and this is a minor thing, but I was alway taught that wearing camo while hunting was dangerous, because if you got lost in the wilderness of Alaska (where I am from), camo made it harder for search parties, particularly those using helicopters, to find you. Also, deer are colorblind, so if the point of camo is to break up the shape of the body, why can’t it be pink? I mean, the deer don’t care.

      In the meantime, I will add your request to my list of requests, as I always do when someone sends me one.

      Also, if you decide to draw a hunter paper doll, I would LOVE to see it.

  2. I hope you have an enjoyable hiatus. Everyone deserves a break once in a while, even if it’s a break from a hobby. You’ll feel reinvigorated at the end of it & I’m eager to see what a set of fresh eyes and a refreshed mind will create.

  3. Hey Rachel, take all the time you need to sort things out and refill you batteries!
    I know how it feels when a hobby becomes an obligation and you just have to take a step back from it.
    (Not saying that this is you issue necessarily, just that I understand taking time off from something you love.)

    Looking forward to May! 🙂

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