And the Sketchbook Appeared with Five Different Designs!

I had all these grand plans for this Wenesday and in the end, I just snapped some photos with my new iphone (a lovely holiday gift from my parents) and just decided to call it a night.

So, here are five paper doll sketchbook pages.

Fantasy gowns for B&B, plus there’s an owl

We are starting with a fantasy set for the Buxom and Bodacious series. After some debate, I settled on drawing a set inspired by this Pixie set. I’ve always wanted to do something else with it.

B&B armor set! And there’s an Axe. (Axes make the best accessories.)

And here is B&B armor! Actually this set was really fast to color and I hope to have it up maybe next week on Friday? I haven’t totally decided yet.

Every paper doll knight needs armor and there’s a variety of it here, plus weapons! (Remember children, paper weapons may cause paper cuts. Practice caution.)

Classic lolita inspired by that little violin purse in the upper left.

So, if I don’t get this Classic Lolita set done, I will literally have nothing to go up on Monday. Epp!

So yeah, that’s gotta happen. She was a request from one of my Patrons and I was happy to oblige. I love the patterns and the parasol and everything.

Summer clothing!

Another Patron request for 2016 was summer clothing. Seasonal clothing isn’t always my forte, because I tend to sorta wear whatever I feel like and ignore seasons, but I wanted to try to draw some “summer” stuff for the Ms. Mannequins, so here is the first set I drew.

I imagine some sort of wealthy woman on vacation at some fine resort wearing these high end fashions.

Playing with pattern with this set, but I kinda hate the purse. Might not survive to be added to the post.

And here are some more Ms. Mannequin summer clothes! These are more boho in my head. Maybe an artist or something sports these choices.

And that wraps the sketchbook for posts for today…

Any thoughts? Which of these should I work on next? (Granting that Lolita and the armor are already in progress.)

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  1. I never get tired of sketchbook posts — they make me want to draw more!!

    I’m eager to see the patterns in the last image. The little symbols are really interesting and will make lovely patterns.

  2. Long time, no read! I haven’t been doing many paper dolls–between being busy and dealing with health stuff. I just got a new idea and I’ll create it as time permits

  3. I would love some of those Ms. Mannequin sets and I have a request of my own- do you think you could do a Marisole Monday and Friends set, maybe with Maeghan, with the same colouring (eyes, hair, skintone) as Mikhail?

  4. I love that violin purse on the Marisole page, can’t wait to see that set finished! I’m looking forward to the B&B sets, too, they’ll look great on my dragon queen! ^.^

  5. i love your sketchbook posts ~ ! and i love seeing how you build just the hilts and handles of things, to finish the straight lines digitally. i need to learn to do that!

    and i always love your armor!

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