Xavier: Elven Archer Paper Doll

A fantasy elf paper doll with a three piece wardrobe. Free to print in color or black and white from paperthinpersonas.com Xavier is the third paper doll in the Sprite paper doll series. Xavier is getting to be an elf paper doll today, though he won’t always be an elf. And since he can share clothing with Zachary, should you decide he needs to be a cyberpunk elf (Shadowrun, anyone?) that’s totally an option too.

Like any good elven archer, our elf paper doll has a back up plan in the form of a sword. Since, sometimes you need to fight people up close and personal. I chose a bird and leaf motif for the weapons and the armor which I thought would seem suitably nature oriented. I always thinks of elves as being nature oriented which might be a horrible stereotype. (Is it possible to stereotype a fantasy creature?)

I think the bird and feather motif his more obvious with the female elf which I shall be posting next Friday as we continue January Sprites! (Yeah, I totally just decided to call it that.)

Xavier, one of my boy paper dolls, gets to be an elven archer in this fantasy paper doll set. Free to print and color from paperthinpersonas.com

{Download a PDF to Print and Color} {Download a PNG to Print and Color}{More Sprite Printable Paper Dolls}

So, I like the Lord of the Rings movies, I really do, but it’s tough to not feel like one has to interact with them when designing elven stuff. My main goal was to create two outfits- one casual and one military. After all, you can’t just walk around in armor. Well, I suppose you can… but it wouldn’t be very comfortable.

I wanted to chose colors that were not too bright, but also felt organic and natural- colors from nature, I guess you might say.

Xavier, one of my boy paper dolls, gets to be an elven archer in this fantasy paper doll set. Free to print from paperthinpersonas.com

{Download a PDF to Print and Color} {Download a PNG to Print and Color}{More Sprite Printable Paper Dolls}

I’m gonna be honest here now. I have been really struggling with artist’s block the last few weeks or, as I like to call it, “the wheel is spinning, but the gerbil is dead”. In short, I just have no urge to do anything blog related, let alone actually draw new content.

But I’m trying to stay on track and stick to my guns about getting two paper dolls up a week. I do have a tiny bit of backlog waiting, so I think I’ll be okay.

As always, comments are appreciated. Thoughts on other themes I should explore with the Sprites?


  1. I’m really starting to like the Sprite series, I may have to print them once you post a few more! =D

    And while I’m not really into fantasy, I have noticed that a lot of elves are indeed nature-related, though I couldn’t tell you where that came from. *shrugs*

    1. And as for what themes you could do, how about the four elements? That’d be pretty cool.

      Or maybe you could do something Atlantis-related; you know, under water, but without them being mermaids, if that makes any sense.

      I also have one other idea, maybe a set inspired by Passover or another holiday?

  2. Tolkien elves all live in forests, and the movies did give them a very leafy vibe. Though I like to imagine that one elf that’s just like “nope, I’m gonna live in Rohan.”

    On themes, I like the idea of tropical paradise theme (think swimsuits and Hawaiian shirts), steampunk, and anything historical. And of course you can’t really go wrong with modern fashion.

  3. I really like steampunk and I’ve enjoyed the fun of the non Victorian steampunk you’ve done, like the regency punk for B&B. I was thinking a 1920s steampunk would be really cool for the sprites. Pirate theme also comes to mind. And just because I’ve been reading lots of mystery stories, a detective set, like from a 1930s Agatha Christie novel or the Victorian Sherlock Holmes series but not neccessarily those characters, just those eras. I hope the gerbil revives because I really love having the two paper dolls a week:)

  4. i love this! that armor is wonderful. and i love the bow with the little wings.

    i also like that you made the pointy ears to be kind of subtle and the hair short. definitely a nice departure from the LOTR-type elf.

  5. What about a warrior princess/prince duo? that would look really awesome, and not exactly “I’m a princess, I sit and wait for the guy to get here” thing.

  6. I just started watching The Shannara Chronicles on MTV and this would fit perfectly!

    And artist’s block…. I think it might be a January thing. It’s tough to get back on track at the beginning of the year.

  7. I love his bow. And I think elves and nature are often put together. Whether that makes it a stereotype or not, I’m not sure. Imagine a non-natural elf…he might feel like he was a freak when everyone else is all “in tune” with nature and he can’t tell the difference between a pretty white flower and poison ivy.

    Artist’s block, blech…never fun…
    A few things that could be neat–rockabilly, mod, hippie, boho (current or in the past), business suits, spring break, fairies, gnomes, statues, vices and virtues…

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