Blog Goals for 2016

Goals for for 2016!

Normally, I have a long list of goals that I know I want to get to this time of the year. Some of them are personal, some are professional, and some are blog related, but I’ve struggled to come up with a strong list this year.

I think I might be a little overwhelmed this year.

Still, I settled down last night and came with a sketchbook and carefully wrote out a list. I spoke with my patrons and seriously thought about what I wanted.

Writing a blog for as long as I have means you are learning constantly. To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed right now. I somehow didn’t think about the “need” for posts past the end of December and now I am scrambling a bit. I’ll get back into the flow of things soon.

Goal #1: Create 10 Male Paper Dolls in 2016

Seriously, I need to do this. I need to draw more men. So, here we go. Ten male paper dolls in 2016. Let’s live the dream. 🙂

Goal #2: Create 10 Historical Paper Dolls in 2016

Yeah, this was a goal last year, but that’s okay. I really want to try this again this year and if it is a goal than I will go for it. My patrons voted for fantasy sets to be the focus, not historical, but last year I did over ten fantasy sets without it being a goal. Fantasy tends to be my fallback, so I suspect I’ll still hit ten even if I don’t make it my “focus.”

Goal #3: Focus on Sprites, Bodacious & Buxom and Ms Mannequin

I polled my patrons and they all voted for these three series to be the focuses of this year. I agree they all need some more love. I was surprised how many people loved Ms Mannequin series, since that’s one of the series that I have mixed feelings about.

Goal #4: Submit something to OPDAG

I am so so embarrassed that I have never sent something to the OPDAG magazine. It’s rather sad, but true. I need to get over my nerves about it and just go for it. It’s not like it’s juried or anything, after all.

Goal #5: Sell Stuff! (Probably paper dolls!)

Actually sell stuff. This might seem like a small goal, but it actually is complex. There’s business paper work and taxes and a whole realm of stuff. I strongly believe it’s important to do that stuff right the first time. It’s all overwhelming! But that’s the goal.

Goal #6: Draw a little, every day, not paper doll related

Okay, so not directly paper doll related- aka- no paper dolls. I mean, I’ll probably practice hands or doddle dresses or experiment with hair styles. I want to loosen up, draw more and learn to be more confident in my art. To start out, I am taking this class on Creativebug and posting my daily drawings on Instagram.  (Be nice to me, I’m still learning to use Instagram.)

So, those are my goals. Let’s see how 2016, shapes up.

Wondering how to become a patron? You can do that here. Thoughts on these goals? Drop me a note in the comments.


  1. I really love the Ms Mannequin series I think I like it because it’s kinda different from some of the other stuff you do, and I agree that there has not been that many of them.
    And I think that these are reasonable goals for the year and I
    think you can do them, all of them!

  2. There’s a menswear issue coming up for OPDAG. That would satisfy two goals right there! I like the historical dolls a lot – your research is very thorough. Sounds like a good year ahead!

  3. I really like the Sprites, Bodacious & Buxom and the Ms Mannequin series, I hope you can accomplish all of your goals but especially goal three!

  4. My kids love your Marisole Monday series- you have provided hours of entertainment for them! Their only sadness is that there are not enough boys to go with all the beautiful girls so I was happy to see your #1 goal. Thank you so much for the great work you do!

    1. Well, what I always say about the disparity of guys to girls in the Marisole Monday series is due to Marcus being less than two years old and Marisole Monday having been around since 2010. He will never catch up with his lady friends, I’m afraid. They’ve got four years on him. 🙂

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