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I was going to save this post for January, but then I realized I have all my posts lined up for the rest of the year and so I figured I could share this a tiny bit early.

My goals for 2015 were many and varied. This isn’t really a post about how I did on those, but rather a chance to talk about where the blog went this year and a few lessons I learned along the way. PTP was born in January of 2009. It died in December of 2009 and came back stronger in 2010. It is six years old.


In the last six years of blogging, I don’t often look at where I am and what I am proud of. Being a librarian, I am constantly reading articles about blogging and social media- trying to learn what I should be doing. While this is often helpful, it sometimes leaves me feeling depressed. There is so much I should be doing. It is hard to remember what I am doing.

So, today, I am going to look at how the blog did in 2015.

Paper Doll Sets Posted on Paper Thin Personas in 2015


For those keeping track, that’s a total of 76 printable paper doll sets (not counting each black and white page of the same designs as separate sets).

Now, I haven’t gone back and done a date by date analysis of when each paper doll posted. However, since Marisole Monday & Friends Sets post over a two week period there would have to be 26 sets in a year to be a full year’s worth. The other paper doll sets there needs to be 52- one for each week. At 76 sets, I am just two sets short of the 78 I would need to have done two a week for an entire year- nothing shabby about that.

I am a tiny bit shamed by the 1 Flock paper doll set, especially since I actually have sets for that series that have been sitting in my Working Folder for months and month. Oh well… There’s always next year.

Types of Paper Doll Sets Posted on Paper Thin Personas in 2015


I thought it would be kinda fun to look at a few of my tags (which I use as metadata for each post) rather than the major paper doll series. Some of you may remember my goal for 2015 was ten historical paper doll sets and there will be 20. Yes, there is one historical set to be posted before 2016.

Oh, the anticipation.

I only got up three male sets. That’s a little troubling… though there were only 25 Marisole Monday & Friends sets in total, so that’s not quite as bad as it might seem. Still, not great though.

So, much for staying positive…

Contemporary sets are generally contemporary fashion. I don’t include specialized sets like the ballerinas in that group.

When calculating fantasy sets, I included sci-fi, steampunk and fantasy all into one category. I just think they all belong together, since the differences are kinda semantic. One has rayguns. One has gears. One has swords.

I tossed in warriors and red heads just for fun. 🙂

Visitors To Paper Thin Personas in 2015


Moving away from paper doll sets for a moment, I averaged 37,335 page views per month which is a rather useless stat. I mean, it just means the number of times a page on the blog was loaded on someone’s computer.

However, sessions and users are more interesting. Each time a unique person (as far as Google Analytics can tell) visits the blog than it is logged as a user. Sessions are the number of times a user loads the site. Multiple page views might be included in the same session. For example, if you visit the site and load five pages, than it is one session and five page views.

Clear as mud, I hope.

So, that’s it. A summary of where PTP is in the end of 2015. I hope to do one of these every year from now on as a way of tracking where I am.

Questions? I’d be happy to answer them if I can.

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  1. I’ve very impressed with your end-of-the-year results. You should be incredibly proud of the artwork you’ve created this year. I think another metric you should look at is artistic growth. You may not see it in the short term, but I think in the long term, your art has improved beautifully and your sets are more complex than in earlier years. And that’s another thing you should be proud of.

    And I am humbled by your stats. Very, very humbled. I wish I had numbers near yours 🙂 I do next to nothing with social media and SEO. Another project to put on MY list!

    Congratulations on another year. I hope you have many, many more years of blogging & beautiful paper dolls ahead of you!

  2. Thanks for delivering such a great product to all your readers and making it so fun and current. It’s like a little gift every time I check in.

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