Warm in Winter: A Printable Paper Doll

logo-warm-colorI think maybe I drew this paper doll, because I want it to get cold in Alabama. It just hasn’t happened yet and it’s annoying me. So, I might not need my cute purple winter coat, but at least Marisole has her cute paper winter coats.

My wardrobe would be so much larger if I could just wear winter coats that I drew on pieces of paper. Seriously, that would be pretty cool.

So, let’s talk color scheme, shall we? I use ColourLovers to track my color schemes and this scheme was one I created called Seaweed and Salt. I always name my color palettes in ColourLovers totally random things. The inspiration color was that electric green color which I created named Acid Cabbage AttackHex Code C2DB06. It should work for all your bright green color needs. 🙂

(See, I know someone who reads this was thinking- Obnoxiously bright green is totally what I need in my life.)

As much as I make fun of Acid Cabbage Attack (and yes, I did name it), I actually think that bright green is a lovely color against Marisole‘s skin-tone.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}
My only regret about this set is that I chickened out of making one of the coats Acid Cabbage Attack colored.

Clearly, I am having way to much fun with my background-color xtml code. Also Acid Cabbage Attack makes me think of that TV show about the evil tomatoes, or as it a movie? Did this actually exist or is my memory just inventing things?

(Thanks to Google, I now know the movie was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)

So, what do people think of today’s Marisole? I’d love to hear in the comments and if you enjoy the paper dolls, consider supporting the blog on Patreon.


  1. First, I love all of these colors. I will chide you a tiny bit for pulling punches here — that dark green coat totally should have been Acid Cabbage Attack 😛 My winter coat is a color very similar to that. Easy for the kids to spot me!

    Secondly, obnoxiously bright green is always a thing I need in my life. I’m married because of an obnoxiously bright green car. True story.

    Also, I love the patterned top even more now that’s it’s in color. Really love this whole set.

  2. Acid Cabbage Green is an awesome color! We call it something else at my house, but it truly is a lovely color! I love this set, and I am hoping for your wished for cold!

  3. I’m wondering where the cold weather is, as well. It just seems to be getting warmer where I live. Hopefully it’ll at least cool down a bit before Christmas gets here, but I don’t think snow is gonna happen this winter. 🙁

  4. can i borrow your Acid Cabbage Attack? it would make an awesome name for a punk band!

    i miss snow so so much right now. i don’t know how you can stand it having lived in alaska.

    also: i love the pattern on that blue & purple shirt with the ACA yoke.

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