A New Printable Paper Doll Series is Coming…

So, I have a rule.

Well, not a rule, but a guideline. I don’t start a new series unless I have at least six paper dolls ready to post for that series.

Six paper doll sets is a good minimum for two reasons.

Reason 1: Can I stand this style enough to draw six printable paper dolls?

Reason 2: Even if I decide I hate it, at least there are six and six isn’t a number to be ashamed of.

The Sprite paper doll series is going to replace the Pixies & Punks paper doll series in 2016 and I’ve been working on it quietly for quite a few months. It is basically the same two poses redrawn- something I have wanted to do for ages.

The series will feature both male paper dolls and female paper dolls. The plan is to go one for one- so for every female paper doll there will be a male paper doll in the same theme. For example, if there is a male elven warrior than there will be a female elven warrior for the next post. If there is a female mermaid than there is a male mermaid for the next post.

Zacahry showing off his mohawk. In the future, everyone will have mohawks.

The first paper doll to go up will be Zachary. There are two different version of Zachary at the moment. One is a cyberpunk version and the other is a more normal casual version.

The second paper doll will be Yukimo who also has a casual version and a cyber version.

Yukimo showing off her futuristic wardrobe and her sexy leaf bra. In the future, everyone will have leaf bras.
Yukimo showing off her futuristic wardrobe and her sexy leaf bra. In the future, everyone will have leaf bras.

I plan to name the paper dolls in reverse alphabetical order.

Right now, I have drawn Zachary, Yumiko, Xavier and Willow.

It is also my plan to reuse the same paper doll faces over and over again- not unlike my Mini-Maidens and Marisole Monday & Friends.

So, there maybe five or six Yumiko printable paper dolls one day. That day maybe a ways off.

Each of the paper doll set titles will include the name of the paper doll- so  these cyberpunk sets are named Zachary Goes Cyber and Yumiko- Digital Girl.

And that is all I really have to share about that so far. It is an ongoing project, of course.

Thoughts about the new series? Share them in the comments.

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    1. Yeah. I used to have a “months worth” of posts as my rule, but then I realized that a month wasn’t really a set amount with my new posting schedule, so I picked six.

  1. i need to learn that rule so hard. brand it on my forearm or something.

    i love Yumiko’s face ~ she’s lovely! and i’m definitely excited about the one-to-one male-female ratio. i know you feel challenged by the male dolls, but i think you do an awesome job.

    i’m always envious of how well-planned your work is. i’m such a dang pantser. : D

    1. See, it’s not as well planned as it sometimes appears. I mean, I have lots of things in my desktop that have never migrated onto the blog. And I have plenty of base dolls I drew, inked and then decided I didn’t like.

      So, I made up the “number of posts” rule to help me commit to things. I actually wish sometimes I was a little better at being impulsive.

      1. hahaha ~ somewhere there’s a happy medium. every morning i’m like: today i’m going to finish a full plate of X. and then i immediately go draw and paint something else entirely, leaving all of my plates in what feels like an unending stage of incompleteness.

  2. I like this doll it’s really nice especially Yumiko it’s so pretty,
    I don’t usually like this style (like Pixies and Punks) but I really like this one!

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