Lillies & Birds: Fantasy Printable Paper Doll

lilliesandbirds-logo-colorEvery paper doll set tells a story. As a kid, I remember I would tell all sorts of stories with my paper dolls. Some of them were the actual stories of the paper dolls- like Little Women or Cinderella. Far more often, I would design my own stories to be told with the paper dolls.

Now that I’m an adult, or so people tell me, my paper dolls don’t have the same sorts of stories. They do, however, often have worlds that I imagine they come from. In the case of today’s Margot paper doll, I imagine she comes from a pseudo-victorian world with her button up boots and her hats.

Speaking of hats, it was really important to me that either hat could be worn with either dress. Don’t get me wrong- the feathered hat was designed to match the bird-dress and the lily hat goes with the lily dress, but if you were feeling rebellious and wanted to put the feathered hat with the lily dress than I won’t stop you.

Live dangerously.

Anyway, as for her blue hair, I confess that as a total whim. I was coloring her and I thought, I should give her blue hair. So, I did.lilliesandbirds-princess-paper-doll-color

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I am actually quite pleased how the blue hair came out. I think it’s fun and unexpected.

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blue, but I fear I am long past the point in my work life where I could get away with blue hair. Plus my hair goes down to my waist, so if I dye it than I have to live with it for a long long time.

So, we are cruising into December (so exciting!), there’s going to be fun things on the horizon and some announcements. The Pixie paper doll series is retiring and will be replaced by a new series. Lots of fun & crazy stuff.

Thoughts? As usual, I love to hear what you think about the paper doll or anything else in the comments.

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  1. That’s it, I’m in love with this set. Blue’s one of my favorite colors and there are so many gorgeous shades of it on this page. ^.^

    And consider me a fellow member of the ‘hair to the waist’ club. 🙂

    1. I’m learning a lot of my readers also have really long hair which is neat. Most people I meet are shocked when they see mine down. (I usually wear it up in a clip.)

  2. i’m a card-carrying hair to the waist member too. last spring i dyed two long dark blue strips into my hair. unfortunately, my hair is from krypton, so it didn’t really take well. now i have two long strips of blonde in my nearly-black hair. ah well. i might try again one day.

    anyway! i remember as a kid always seeing what i could force onto dolls in terms of clothing not made specifically for them! it should be required play.

    love the palette you chose with this. nice and wintery!

    : D

  3. For a fun fling of hair color…try Manic Panic. It’s vivid and temporary! I can relate to your conundrum as my own mop is more than 3 feet long. 🙂

  4. Depending on how light your hair is naturally, you could always use a temporary color that washes out. Manic Panic is pretty good even without bleaching. And if you’re worried about appearing as a professional, you might consider just dying the under-part of your hair if you leave it down a lot.

    I’ve dyed my hair blue, teal, purple, red, and black, so I’d be happy to help you with any questions you might have. More people need fun hair colors! It’s not nearly as hard as it looks, especially if it’s just one color, plus it’s nice to be a little different!

    1. I work at a pretty conservative place. I could probably get away with a streak in the back, but that would be about it, I suspect. I totally love my job, but it’s pretty straight laced when it comes to such things.

      Back when I worked for a different library, I did ask my director. I was told I could have my hair any color I wished, as long as it was professionally styled and the rest of my attire was professional. I chickened out before taking her up on the offer, a fact which I regret now.

  5. I’m a tad disappointed at the death of the Pixie series, seeing as they were my favorites. I’m sure though that the series coming will be just as fun and full of attitude, though!

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