Photos from the Sketchbook

So, I finally filled up my sketchbook and then I did photos of the drawings. These are Marisole Monday & Friends designs. I photographed them on a quilt my Mother made me, because she is awesome. Anyway, the first set is a winter coat set. Coats and boots and things.

Coats! It has been a while since I did a set of coats.
Coats! It has been a while since I did a set of coats.

I’m interested in Minimalist fashions. I’ve done a set before. This one is going to be more complex than my last set and probably not in shades of white, grey and black like my last set.

Minimalism, anyone?
Minimalism, anyone?

Continuing my big fantasy gowns trend, here’s another one! I really liked the hat and I wanted to create a full skirt and I wanted to do a draped overskirt. I chose short curly hair for the doll as a change of pace. Most of my fantasy dolls have long hair or elaborate updos.

Princess dress with a draped overskirt.
Princess dress with a draped overskirt.

So, those are the latest designs from the sketchbook. I’m in that awkward part of the year where I have the rest of the year pretty well mapped out and I just need to get through it, but I am struggling to remind myself that January is coming and I need content for that.

It’s hard to keep focused sometimes when I have a decent backlog. Once and a while, being down to the wire actually makes me more productive.

Which of these sets are you looking forward to seeing?

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  1. i really love all of your accessories. i need to do better with that sort of thing. your attention to detail on shoes and gloves and purses is always lovely (especially the shoes)!

    and now i want to see the rest of mom’s quilt! : D

  2. The coats are interesting and something that don’t seem to garner much attention. Maybe that’s because they aren’t ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing those.

  3. The sketchbook posts are among my favorites. Process is fascinating to me. I love your clean, precise lines. Most of my sketches are super sloppy, partly because I know I’m going to either line & color in Photoshop or create vectors in Illustrator. My attitude is why bother when really my drawing skills could use a refresh!

    As much as I like all of the sets, I really love over-the-top, ultra elaborate gowns!

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