Isadora in Ruffles & Bows: Printable Paper Doll in Black and White

isadora-ruffle-logoI’ve been in this whole printable paper doll drawing thing for a while. There’s a few things I have learned and one of them is that what I like is not always what my readers like.

Now, a lot of the time I don’t care. Sorry, folks, but I draw for me first and for most. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have active readers and every comment I get makes me smile, but if I couldn’t draw what I liked than I would go mad. Mad I tell you!

(Okay, maybe that was a little overly dramatic. 🙂 )

I mention this in direct relation to black and white paper doll sets. They are easier for me, since coloring takes time, but when I was a kid I really didn’t like to color. I know that sounds odd, but I never really “got” coloring books. They were boring. I far more wanted to draw my own stuff than color someone else’s drawing.

So, sometimes I forget that I have readers who LOVE my black and white paper dolls.

That’s part of why I created the Mini-Maiden’s series. I wanted to share with my readers something just for the black and white coloring readers that I have. I might not “get it”, but I am do enjoy drawing them and not having to color them in does make them easier to finish.

Celebrating the girly girl in all of us. Black and white paper doll with a 14 piece wardrobe.

{Download a PDF to Print} {View a 150 dpi PNG} {Check out some More Mini-Maiden Printable Paper Dolls}
To bring this around to this actual post, let’s talk about Isadora. Isadora has only had three other outfit sets and none of them are contemporary. The poor girl can go to balls or fight off radioactive hordes, but she hasn’t got a decent pencil skirt. (Everyone needs a decent pencil skirt.) Well, all that ends today!

When I do contemporary sets, I like to do them in themes. So, for this set I was thinking about sweet, lady-like fashions. I wanted some delicate details like the rose pattern on the shorts and the scalloped hem on the pencil skirt. I often see these styles on the college students I work with, being that this is the South and all, so I wanted to do something of a Southern Belle. All she needs are white lace gloves and a mint-julep to sip while sitting in a white rocking chair.

Her short hair was intended to contrast with the wardrobe.

Today is Friday the 13th, if you’re the superstitious sort. I think paper dolls are good protection from such things. 🙂

By the way, speaking to my coloring readers, I know some people use simple coloring programs, but I have no ideas what they are. So, my questions are: What programs to y’all use? What file formats do those programs like? And would coloring sheets with no grey be useful?

(I’m thinking about digital paper dolls for sale right now and trying to decide what file formats to offer.)

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  1. I actually prefer to print them out and watercolor them. If I were going to use a computer program it would likely be the basic Paint program that comes with windows. It likes the PNG format fine, and Jpeg.

    I like the mini maidens because if I shrink them down to 1/4 size i Microsoft Digital Image Suite, and print 4 per page They will fit on an Artist Trading Card pretty handily! ATCs are my favorite format for creating art, so I am always looking for another neat thing to put in my art on them.

    1. I’d love to see some your of ATC cards with my paper dolls. Could you take a photo and email it to me? 🙂 I’m always hyped when I see what people do with my paper dolls.

      Back in the days when I did traditional media (which was like… before I went to grad school so… six years ago or something) water color was one of my favorite mediums. I love the speed. And I loved knowing within like ten minutes if it was going to work or not.

  2. amen to ya, sista ’bout doing what you like. i’d definitely lose my mind if i had to make paper dolls that i didn’t actually want to play with myself.

    that said, it’s much appreciated that you go the extra distance now and then. because all of your work is super cool ~ even the stuff you may not be crazy about.

    1. It’s more that I don’t like to color myself, so when I try to think about what its like for people who like to color I draw a sort of mental blank.

      It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing black and white paper dolls, but I struggle to get from “I like drawing these” to “what would people who color like?”

      1. as a person who likes to color, i say don’t worry about what you think coloring people like. you always include fun patterns and layers ~ all of which are great for coloring!

    1. Oh, I’d love to see some of your colored versions of my paper dolls, if you want to email them to me. 🙂 I have used colored pencils and someday I want to learn to use markers, because I love how they look, but I’ve never really used them.

  3. Just saw your comment. I’d love to mail you a few! I will have to get a new page or two printed out. I am happy to share. It means I get to make more! 🙂

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