Twirling Majorette: A Printable Paper Doll

logo-majorette-bwThere are a few perks of knowing me in the real world. One of those perks is that when you ask for a paper doll set, it is a lot more likely to actually happen. It might take a little while, but eventually it will happen.

This request only took me a year to get to. I was asked to do a baton twirling or majorette paper doll by a young women I know who was one in high school.

Now, I’ll admit that I had no idea there even were baton twirlers anymore. I think it might be a Southern thing. I certainly don’t recall any on the West Coast and definitely not in Alaska where I grew up. If you have a chance though, do check out youtube for baton twirling. It’s pretty amazing watching someone who really knows what they are doing. Definitely a remarkable skill.

So, while I know nothing about baton twirling other than what I could learn on the internet, this paper doll was fun to draw and I hope I didn’t mess up anything too badly. After all, I’d like my baton twirling fans (if I have any) to be pleased. By the way, one thing I did notice, is a lot of baton twirling outfits are similiar to skating costumes, so I think Margot could share with my ice skating Marisole.

{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}
One thing I did notice is that a lot of modern majorette costumes use a lot of illusion netting. I decided against the appearence of illusion netting in my costumes. I also found that my favorite outfits were those from the fifties and sixties, much more than I liked the costumes today. Margot has a few old fashioned outfits, along with boots with tassels, and a few modern outfits.

I gave her a normal baton, a sword baton and one on fire. Everything is better on fire.

So, any majorettes (current or former) out there want to tell me how I did?

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  1. Not a majorette, but I did figure skate and dance, and I think I’ve worn almost every one of these outfits at some point.

    My high school had a “color guard” which was basically a baton/flag twirling team. They only did the football games in fall, but a lot of the girls ended up in twirling class outside school.

  2. Love it! My husband is a band director and our daughter will love these color guard outfits! I might even look through your other outfit sets for a pair of pants to pair up with some of the more “uniformy” tops in this set to make up some “band students”.

    1. A sword baton is sometimes called a Samoan Knife, some can be lit on fire. As I understand it (and I am no expert), these batons/knifes have their origins in Polynesian cultures.

  3. I just found your site, and your twirler is very fun! There is a national competition for baton twirlers in a couple of weeks at Notre Dame in Indiana, and I think these would be so fun to print for the girls/ladies. My daughter is a twirler, and it is still hard to find gifts/decorations/etc. for them, particularly outside of any large event. They do twirling and pom pom routines, so I will have to merge a few sets together! Outside of majorettes, most girls wear jazz shoes rather than boots, but I think the boots are still cute!

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