Audra in Other Colors

logo-audra-pink-blondFirst things first, I’m sure many people are curious about who won the contest (I mean, at lease the people who entered it.) As I did last year, I decided to have two winners of my end of the year drawing/contest. Congrats to Mag15 and Kitrona who were selected by the highly scientific process of counting the unique comments and using Random.Org to select a winner.

Meanwhile, onto the paper dolls…

Sometimes, I get a little carried away playing with color schemes. I think the color scheme can really change the whole look of a paper doll set. It can go from sweet to saucy to historical. It’s a fun aspect of drawing and designing paper dolls.

The first color scheme is winter white with pale blue/grey in neutrals. The various colors to set off the neutrals are a deep grey purple and two shades of pink. The doll’s skin color is a warm redbrown and her hair is black. The darker skin tone will be set off by the winter white.

audra-pink-color-scheme {Download a PDF to Print in Color} {Download a PNG to Print in Color}{More Pixie & Puck Printable Paper Dolls}
I rarely do blond paper dolls, but I really loved the bright pink coat and it reminded me of Barbie. Barbie is blond, so Audra became blond for this set. The neutrals are several shades of light warm grey. The accent color is a denim blue.

{Download a PDF to Print in Color} {Download a PNG to Print in Color}{More Pixie & Puck Printable Paper Dolls}
Clearly, I was enjoying my pink and blues. Both these sets came out much more similar in color scheme than intended. I had a great deal of fun coloring these sets.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for your website. I have been interested in Paper Dolls, starting with the late Tom Tierney’s, since 1988.

    I have a deep interest in fashion design and paper dolls are certainly a fun and interesting way to express those ideas.

    My three favorite of your series are, Marisol Monday and Friends, Pixies and Pucks, and Flock Fairy tales. One idea I thought may be interesting to do is something of the 1980’s. It could be called Totally 80’s, or Radical 80’s.

    I enjoy your paper dolls and I think you are a very talented artist. Keep up the great ideas and work. I always look forward to see what you will think of next.

    1. Thanks you. It’s kind comments like this one that keep me drawing and posting through the rough patches. I’m glad you enjoy the paper dolls and I to have fond memories of Tierney’s work.

      1. You are also very good at matching colors. Colors also provide more creativity to an article of clothing, especially when properly matched with other colors. Some articles of fashion design which may be the same, can look like two different types of styles by just changing the color.

        I like the way you created the different color schemes with the latest Pixie, Audra. I also like that you have given each Pixie and Puck there very own name. Please keep up the great imagination and creative spirit. I find it inspiring. Cisco

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