Marcus as Steampunk Airship Mechanic

logo-airshipFor those of you who don’t know this, I generally write these posts the day before they go live. The idea is that they post will go live at midnight on the day it’s scheduled. I don’t always succeed in that goal, but that, never the less, is the goal.

Tonight while I write this post for tomorrow it is pouring rain outside. Not slightly drizzling or thinking about raining, but actually torrents of water. I love nights like this, but they make me want to do thing except wrap up in a blanket and drink tea… which is not an impossible wish to achieve on a Sunday night.

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In a world with steam engines and airships, Marcus knew from a young age he wanted to be on those ships. Growing up in the Caribbean, freight vessels came into port and he always hung around to listen to stories of far way lands. So, as soon as he was old enough, he ran away and got a job on one of the airships and worked his way up from errand boy to head mechanic.

By and large, I don’t write stories for my paper dolls, but somehow this character made sense to me and I thought I would share. Over the years, I have always admired Liana’s wonderful stories for her paper doll outfits. I am trying to branch out a bit in my blog habits, so I would love to know if people like the ideas of forays into fiction.

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  1. I like both the doll and his backstory! A+ post, would read again. 🙂 I particularly like that he’s from the Caribbean, too. And the dreads.

    I just realized this could be my husband in fantasy paper doll form. He has both those attributes and his name is Marco. Huh.

  2. I’d love a bit of backstory for your dolls actually.
    It would be nice to read what you were thinking about them when you created them, even if it’s just a few sentences.

  3. Answering this question a bit late as I got out of the habit of reading this lovely blog some months ago and so now I have to catch up.

    Yes, I love the stories! They give just a hint more of who the paper doll is, and I like that.

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