A New Paper Doll Man for Marisole Monday & Friends

marcus-logoThis project has been a long time in incubation. I drew my last Marcus 1.0 paper doll in July of 2013. He never looked right to me and he was out of proportion to the smaller more delicate Marisole, Mia, Margot, and Monica.

In the end, I took K’s and Julie’s advice and resized him in photoshop. He got skinnier and shorter. His head got smaller. I printed out the heavily altered version and sketched it up on lined paper as I do when I am testing a paper doll template. I altered it some more. I redrew the face about nine times.

And I’d given up on redoing Marcus 1.0 until I got some really nice comments from my readers asking when I was going to post another Marcus paper doll.

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Is he perfect?

Well… no. He’s got pretty defined hips for a man and he does look a bit girly. Still, I’m more pleased with him than I ever imagined I could be with a male paper doll.

In celebration of his debut, I decided to post both the black and white and the color versions this Monday. I am very proud of how he came out.

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So, this is Marcus 2.0.

I don’t have anything Halloween organized for Halloween this year. I am trying to get something done in time for Friday, but I wouldn’t hold my breath anyone. Instead, I offer a rare male paper doll to grace the collection of Marisole Monday & Friends.

I have big plans for Marcus. I’ve already drawn a fantasy set for him and I’m working on a steampunk airship mechanic set. I’m actually having more fun with my male paper doll than I ever thought I would.

Thoughts on other male paper doll ideas?

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  1. I like him a lot!

    The old version did look a bit clunky, especially when compared to the girls.
    And while I would have loved to see more male paper dolls on your site, I sort of understood why there were so few, because I always found men are a lot harder to draw myself, and their clothes rather boring.

    Which is absolutely not true, there’s lots of interesting menswear out there, and definitely if you look at historical or fantasy garb as well.

    So, congrats on the relaunch of Marcus, I hope in time he gets a friend or two and lots of neat clothes! 🙂

  2. Bah, I posted the comment too quickly! 😀

    Fantasy and steampunk sound awesome, can’t wait to see those sets.
    As for other ideas, how about a pirate set for Marcus? I know it has been a while since the last Marisole Pirate set, but I still love it a lot, and I also adore the two-page Pixie pirate you did last year.

    Or something to match the recent circus set? (which is one of my favorite sets ever of all the awesomeness you made! :))

    Or a J-Rock-style kind of set, something goth-ish, or dark punk?

    Apparently, I have been thinking about Marcus a lot… 😀

    1. Pirate is on the list, though if my list turns out to be anything like my Marisole List than it might be years. There will definitely be a goth/dar punk set at some point.

      I’m not sure about a circus set. I’d have to give that some thought.

  3. Very nice companion for the ladies! His proportions are much better, and much better suited to Marisole, etc. You should be very proud of him 🙂 There’s a tendency to draw what you know. I understand female shapes and proportions because that’s what I see in the mirror everyday. Males figures like this are challenging for me, too. When I draw an overly “girly” looking guy, I like to think about Michelagelo and the Sistine Chapel. Have you seen the women he created there?! Here you have an expert sculptor & painter with an extensive knowledge of human form and he created some of the most masculine women I have ever seen in the history of art! We all have our comfort zone, but it’s important to expand beyond it, too. Can’t wait to see an amazing wardrobe for Marcus!

  4. I like him, too; he’s a perfect addition to the PPT family. 🙂

    And for some reason seeing him reminded me of that Purim doll you posted a few years ago. I’d love to see a set like that for him and Marisole.

  5. I compared him to what I use for my males, and you did much better than me getting masculine proportions right.

    I tend not to like boys because in my opinion men’s fashion is boring, but I’m excited for what you do with MarcusI’d like to toss in my vote for historical clothes for Marcus to match one of the historical Marisols.

  6. He looks great! I like his little sandals 🙂
    I think that if I ever did a male paper doll I would have to dress him in over-the-top historical styles, like from Louis XIV’s reign. I’d love to see this guy in some elvish clothes too.

    1. I know I’m really late with this response, but I would love to see vampire Marcus!

      Preferably with some slightly-bloodied clothes, like he just finished “eating” or something. Or maybe a garlic chain. That’d be kind of funny. ^.^

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