A Springtime Frock and a Breakfast Gown for Her Ladyship

ladyship-wig-4Fall always seems to come slowly to Alabama. It’s finally here now and I am very happy with the crispness in the air when I pad out of the house in the morning to drive to work. I enjoy this crispness and it makes me want to bake pies or cookies.

Her Ladyship, on the other hand, is strictly spring based this morning with a Spring frock and a Breakfast Gown. Taking my cues from Victorian dress, the Breakfast Gown would be the least formal sort of dress. I’m not sure about the formality of the Spring Frock. I had fun with the wigs in this set and wigs are some of my favorite things to give a paper doll set. I think every set is more fun with wigs.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Gowns}{Click Here for Base Doll}

I’m still debating if I will post one of these paper doll pages on next Friday or something more Halloween festive. I haven’t got anything ready for Halloween and, unlike Liana who writes wonderful tales about her gowns, I rather don’t have much of a story inspiration. I’m very jealous of the creativity behind the stories behind her paper dolls.

Mine can mostly be boiled down too… “Pretty dress.”

Or in the case of today’s dresses, “Two dresses that I don’t like that much, but posted because they were done and part of the set and I liked the wigs to much to abandon them.

Not really stirring stuff, but perhaps I get points for honesty.

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  1. Well, I’m really glad you didn’t abandon these dresses because I really like the one with the leaf pattern ribbon on it.

  2. The dresses are pretty, but I understand why you like the wigs: they are amazing!

    I am completely in love with the middle one, that one with the braided tiara and the rest of the hair hanging down. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

    I’ll stop gushing now! 😀

  3. I like them and I’m glad you posted them! The leaf pattern is very cute 🙂
    I like having the stories, but they take a lot of time and thought! My mom is always… shall we say, gently suggesting that I do more stories and things to go with the outfits, but it takes time and the right kind of headspace… Pretty dresses are always enough, I think 🙂

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