Her Ladyship’s Riding Habit and Archery Costume

ladyship-wig-3I remember my surprise when I first found out that archery was considered a socially acceptable sport for women of wealth in the 18th century.

Never the less, women have been doing archery for many years and I wanted to make sure that Her Ladyship had some sporting attire. So, I selected two sports I knew have long been considered “okay” for women of means- riding and archery.

(Plus the Hunger Games gave archery this strange new allure amongst the young folk, or so I am told.)


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In page three here, we have the riding habit on the left, complete with hat and a slightly shorter skirt that would have been useful on a horse. I should add that I have never ridden a horse. In fact, horses are huge and they kinda scare me.

Her archery costume was inspired by similar costumes from the Regency period. I don’t know how practical it would be for archery, but I really think practicality is over-rated and paper dolls never complain.

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  1. I love the riding outfit.
    I can’t wait to see all of this set and to start the coloring rampage. (I’ve been coloring Truly Trudy lately. But I think it’s time to pick a new set…and this one is definitely looking fun.)

    1. I’m sorry. I’m not really sure what you mean by a “homeschooling” one. I know that my paper dolls are used by some homeschooling parents, particularly the historical paper doll sets.

        1. While I don’t have any plans currently to do a modest paper doll set, I can certainly add it to my list of requests. I take requests, but I never promise to make anything. I’m also of the view that “modest” is largely in the eye of the beholder. What one community thinks is modest can be dramatically different from what another community thinks is modest.

  2. Is it mean of me to cackle like a lunatic about the irony of this comment? 😀

    On topic though, if you look through the paperdolls on this page, I think you’ll find several that wear clothes that are not revealing and could be called “modest”.

    Besides, you make it sound like everybody who homeschools wears the same style of dress.
    My sister homeschools her kidlets, and she wears “normal” clothing. Maybe a bit on the elven-hippie-ish side of the normal spectrum, but certaily not prim and proper.

    1. I welcome discussion and all opinions here. Just keep things polite please. A lot of kids read this blog and it’s important to me that discussions remain gracious and civil. Thanks.

      1. I did not intent to be rude. But I’ll admit that I was maybe a bit biased (and very amused) after looking at someone’s linked homepage before I replied, since there is a lot of prejudice about homeschoolers around.

        And I really don’t have any problems with homeschooling. Like I mentioned above, my sister homeschools her four kids and I have nothing but the utmost respect for her for doing this.

        I apologize if my comments were uncivil, I certainly was not looking for a fight.

        1. I am very sorry that you were amused by my web page. I am not offended in any way that you were amused because everyone is entitled to their own option. Permit me to ask why my web site was amusing? I agree that many dolls on this website are ‘modest’ to some degree. I have grown up homeschooled and all my friends are homeschooled so I was just wanting something that would look more like how the Dugger’s dressed. I am just as biased as you and I hope that I do not come across mad is any way.

          1. Thanks for staying civil guys. Never the less, I would feel more comfortable if this conversation happened somewhere other than my comments section. If YersiniaP wishes to contact you, Generations for the Lord, I know there’s an email on your website and I’d like things around here to stay on topic. Thanks for understanding.

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