The Court Alchemist Gets Some Extra Printable Paper Doll Dresses

logo-alchemist-wardrobeLast week, as you may recall, I posted my Court Alchemist paper doll. This week I am posting three more printable paper doll dresses and two pairs of shoes which gives her five outfits in total. I really do think the clothing makes the paper doll. I was always that kid who would have rather have had dozens of outfits over dozens of paper dolls.

In fact, I remember when American Girl magazine published paper dolls and I used to get so annoyed that the dolls were “almost” in the exact same pose, but not quite. So, they couldn’t perfectly share clothing. Drove me just nuts as a kid. Here is a picture of one of the paper dolls.

Are there any children’s magazines left that still publish paper dolls?

I recall with much fondness the feeling to getting to check the mail for my American Girl magazine and it’s promised paper doll. In fact, if you want a similar experience (and you have an HP web enabled printer), then you might consider my HP Paper Thin Personas Printer Ap which prints a full color or black and white paper doll every Monday, automatically. You can also print the paper dolls on demand directly from the printer which is, I have to confess, pretty neat.

court-alchemist-wardrobe-black-white {Download a PDF of this paper doll to Color} {View a 150 dpi PNG of this Paper Doll to Color}
So, there are three dresses in this set. In my head, these are all fairly informal dresses. And who doesn’t need socks held up by some odd sock suspenders? (There is something inherently hilarious to me about sock suspenders… I might have a problem.)

I went back and forth about the patterned dress. I wanted it to look like a pattern that could be woven on a simple loom, but it ended up looking sort of like abstract eyes and now all I can think is, “The dress is staring at me…”

court-alchemist-wardrobe-color {Download a PDF of this paper doll in Full Color} {View a 150 dpi PNG of this Paper Doll in Full Color} {More Bodacious and Buxom Printable Paper Dolls}
As for tools, along with last week’s tool collection, this set adds a sextant, which is a tool for measuring the angle between any two visible objects, most often the horizon and stars. It was crucial for navigating back in the days before high levels of technology. As a girl with NO sense of direction, I am totally grateful to whoever invented GPS. If I had to navigate via sextant, I think I would end up lost way more often than I already am.

So, Friday there will be another page of Her Ladyship and Monday there will be an elf.

Meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter @paperpersonas for blog updates, random paper doll thoughts, and a smattering of librarianship.


  1. ” I used to get so annoyed that the dolls were “almost” in the exact same pose, but not quite. So, they couldn’t perfectly share clothing. ”

    I know, right! Bugged me too. I tried not to notice, but the not fitting was too obvious sometimes.

    I really like the color-scheme you’ve used on this set.

  2. Add me to the list of those frustrated with the AG paper dolls.

    I hate sock suspenders too, but oddly like the plain garter ribbons that were tied around socks for the same purpose.

  3. I love these! I missed last week’s post, but the combined set is amazing! Excellent patterning and a nice use of color. I just recently acquired an HP wireless printer….I may need to grab the app…

  4. I kinda have to thank you for the sock suspenders. I have always wondered how socks stayed up before elastic, just never enough to look it up.

  5. I just found your paper dolls, and I am in love with all of them. I plan to collect them all and play with the with my granddaughters. I use to love to play with paper dolls, and finding these have bought back a lot of fond memories. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

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