Margot in Wonderland… Printable Paper Doll to Color

logo-alice-bwI have been traveling a lot over the last three months. One trip every month which has made for scattered time for myself. I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that I normally work from a long backlog and that having a backlog of paper dolls allows me to plan my life.

Well… I’m out of backlog, so the fact that today’s paper doll happened was a shcok to me. I did not think I would get her done, but I am pleased that I did.

Alice in Wonderland paper dolls are something I have drawn before. I think in total I have done three paper dolls that I’ve posted.

Today’s paper doll version of Alice in Wonderland uses Margot, whose been a bit neglected. Her costumes owe a lot to both Neo-Victorian and Lolita styles.

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I had an awful lot of fun putting together the rabbit pattern and the card pattern for the two skirts. I attempted to draw a more realistic top hat than I have in the past, but I’m not pleased with it. There’s something off about the perspective, I think. However, I shall eventually get over my problems with hats. I just have to keep trying, so expect to see more hats.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are books I love, but that I don’t think have aged very well in many ways. The general lack of agency for Alice, not to mention the fact that most of the jokes don’t really resonate with modern life (how many of us had to recite in school? I mean… really?), means that when most of us think of Alice, we think of iconic characters and symbols without actually remembering the story. The Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, or Dweedle-Dee and Dweedle-Dum are all so familiar it hardly matters that the Mad Hatter is a reference to the mercury poisoning common to men in that profession during the Victorian era.

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6 Responses to Margot in Wonderland… Printable Paper Doll to Color

  1. Melinda says:

    Cool doll!

  2. Melinda says:

    Oh, and my class had to rewrite Jabberwocky in eighth grade. I wrote mine about snack food.

  3. Julie says:

    The patterns are gorgeous! I love repeating patterns and these are great. Top hats are tough. I’ve made a few and they never look right to me! This one is pretty good – you should be proud of it.

    • RLC says:

      Thank you, but I think the perspective on the hat and the perspective on the paper doll are slightly different making the hat look off when it’s on the doll. Of course, I might be seeing things that aren’t there.

  4. jazz13 says:

    I really like the skirt with the rabbits and the pocket watch. My sister thought that the shirt with the toadstool on it had a jellyfish on it instead.

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