Fifteen Paper Dolls from Deviant Art

paper_doll_around_the_webI love checking out Deviant Art for paper dolls and I have done it a few times before. I like to think the presence of paper dolls suggests that maybe they are making a come back, but in truth I doubt it. Still, it’s nice to look around and see what is out there and the variety is astonishing. Many of these artists have more paper dolls in their galleries, so be sure to check there for more. I think everything here is Pg-13, nothing too R rated. Enjoy!

1. Beautiful pin-up esque Fan-Girl Paper Dolls by lovelyzitalee
2. Delightful Princess Paper Dolls by BetterThanBunnies. There are multiple papges for this set, so be sure to check those out too.
3. Icequeen by xXTheFireCatXx who has lots of other paper dolls in her gallery.
4. Pinkhaired fairy by Mauau whose another prolific paper doll artist.
5. An undead paper doll by leenahoo with costumes from WOW, Death Note and the Corpse Bride.
6. A paper doll by gurlgotkat2000 with some hanbok and other outfits.
7. Paper Doll of Stephen Maturin by johanirae and I confess to having no idea who Stephen Maturin is, but this paper doll has some rocking 18th century duds.
8. A paper doll by killercreampuff with striped pants and some cute glasses.
9. SMV Sailor Nisaba Paper Doll by nickyflamingo with some wonderful costumes… I didn’t know anyone still watched Sailor Moon, to be honest.
10. Printable Frozen Paper Dolls by gianjos that you can download and they are so cute.
11. The devil wears Prada by GlaceLeau features some nice wings
12. Joker x Harley ‘Mad Love’ Paper Doll by SnowFright which I’m including just for Boots and other comic fans.
13. Dress Me by Loputyn is a really beautifully painted piece.
14. Paperdoll Angelique sheet for printing by BlackBastet makes me wish I knew how to use Illustrator.
15. Miss Piggy paper doll by Dvythmsky and how cool is that?


  1. Stephen Maturin is the surgeon/naturalist in the Aubrey/Maturin Naval series (from whence the film Master and Commander hails) ~ he chases a flightless cormorant (the bird) and he plays the cello. yep.

    that Mad Love set is great and I see some outfits I’ll be reproducing for my own from the comics (the wedding dress is not one of them); also am reminded that I need a psychiatrist head option for Harley.

    you always find awesome stuff!

    : D

  2. Sailor Moon’s actually getting a revamp this summer, for the 20th anniversary. But yes, its still quite popular, at least where I love. Y’know, nostalgia, for me at least.

    I went to Megacon recently as Sailor Mars, and a little girl dressed as Sailor Moon stopped my for a picture. She was the cutest thing ever.

    I really like that Mad Love set.

    1. When I was in middle school (about… um… over a decade ago) Sailor Moon was all the rage. I don’t know if I watched more then four episodes, ever, but I had friends who were Totally into it.

  3. WOW! here it is you inspired me to do paper dolls and then I am looking to find more pretty dolls to color and who’s name do I see on your list but mine. I am honored for your mention.

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