Jaunty Summer Styles

logo-jaunty-summer-styles-paper-doll-BWSo, spring has finally come to Alabama, it feels like. I enjoy the changing seasons of fall and spring. Also, I’ve been reading some 1920’s clothing catalogs and they use words like “jaunty” in their descriptions and I think we should bring it back as a fashion term.

Today’s paper doll set, which like my Mia paper dolls from earlier this month (here in black and white and here in color), comes out of the March fashion magazines which publish the new spring fashions of the year. I decided to do a little bit more “girly” for this paper doll set, focusing on the feminine styles that are popular right now.

My one regret is that I didn’t do more pieces with patterns on this paper doll set, but instead focused on the shapes. I sort of wish I’d done something in color blocking or even stripes to mix things up a bit. Still, I love the dresses and the purses which I think offer some interesting variety. I always carry the exact same purse nearly every day, but my paper dolls can afford to be a little more adventurous. Plus money is no object when the fashions are all made of paper.

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I’m not totally pleased how the ruffled shift dress came out (far left). I like it, but I have mixed feelings about the execution, on the other hand I really like how both the other dresses came out and the high low t-shirt. I think I’ll come around to the dress once it has been colored.

I decided to use Magnolia, one of my new Marisole Monday paper dolls who I’ve decided to rename since someone pointed out that the Magnolia name is already taken. Suggest an “M” name in the comments and I’ll consider it. Right now, I’m split between Monica, Maureen and Mira, though I do think Mira is too close to Mia.

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24 Responses to Jaunty Summer Styles

  1. Penny says:

    I love Monica as a name or maybe Monique or Melanie.

  2. Amy says:

    Mariam and Matilda (Mattie) are two of my favorite “M” names. I also like Monica and Maureen. I was going to suggest Margaret (one of my absolute favs) but, like Mira and Mia, it is probably way too similar to Margot since I’m pretty sure one is the English version and the other is the French version of the same root name.

    • RLC says:

      Yeah, I thought of Margaret, but gave it up because it sounded to much like Margot. Are they the same root name? I guess that would make sense, but I confess I’ve not looked it up.

      • Amy says:

        Yep, just looked it up, and Margot is the French short form of Margaret. Both of which are derived from the Roman, Margarita. And if you look at that name’s family tree, it includes a LOT of names that I wouldn’t think of as relatives just looking at them (Gretchen, for one).

  3. Gwendolyn says:

    Some ‘M’ names:
    Morag or Morgana
    Margret or Marguerite

  4. Billie Jo says:

    My all top fave M name is Miranda. I love the way the 2 dresses turned out. I really really like the one in the far right corner. Great job!

  5. Jazz13 says:

    Ummmmm…. I don’t really know many more M names than ones that have been suggested, maybe Miana, Melissa, Maleficent, (wait, maybe not that one, really want to see that movie!) Miri, Mirian, Marjean, Molly, Marilyn, Mikayla, Myranda, Marsha, Mirieanna, Mary, Medea, Maddie, MaRee, Mason, McKenzie, Madison, Marquessa, Maxine, Mashelle, Melody, Morgan, Maggie, Marquja, Mindy, Marva, McKenna, Melece, Melinda, Marcia, Marnae, Makell, Megan, Michelle, May, and Mcoy…. If you wanted to do another boy…. Max, Matt, Matthew, Mark, Mike, Myron, Michael, McClain, Murray and Mathias. (I know, it’s more than I said it would be…) Also, Marisole doesn’t have a last name….. But does she need one?

    • Jazz13 says:

      Also, you’ve done all of the contest winners’s paper dolls, so when will you have another contest?

      • RLC says:

        I do not know, I’m afraid. I have a lot of travel and other things happening in April and May, so I have to give the matter some thought.

  6. Toria says:

    Wow, so many names!
    I love her outfits. I was shopping for a bridesmaid dress this weekend and looking at this set I realized how wonderful it would be if I could just print out one of your dresses to wear! So much nicer than the styles I saw in the stores.

  7. Melinda says:

    Mairead? Melissa? Miranda?

  8. Ailsa Ek says:


  9. Melinda says:

    You know, you should consider Monique. She reminds me of Monique Coleman from High School Musical

  10. RLC says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful M name suggestions.

    I’ll decide next Monday when I post the colored version. Miranda and Minerva, after the Roman goddess, are both high on my list of favorites, I confess.

  11. Natalie B says:

    Funny, I noticed no one came up with Marina…..:) I’m sort of partial to it since one of my close relatives has this name. I love the floral patterned top;)

  12. Natalie B says:

    Oh wait…..:) I stand corrected

  13. boots says:

    i liked Monica for a name. Miranda comes in second.

    also love that you used more texture on these dresses! the many folds on the skirts look great!

    : D

    • RLC says:

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to be a little less “flat” which sometimes I like and sometimes I loath. Hit and miss, as they say.

      • Melinda says:

        When I draw new clothes for your dolls on Paint. NET, I get to choose the fill I want to get an embroidered, glitter, plaid, etc. look.

        • RLC says:

          Yes, some image programs let you do that (so does photoshop), but I have never really liked how the results look. I think combining hand drawn and digital can sometimes be very challenging.

  14. rebekah says:

    I really like the names Morgana and Miriam. you could also do morgan for short as morgana

  15. rebekah says:

    love the doll! all the clothes came out great cant wait to see it in colour!

  16. phobe says:

    i love this one 🙂

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