Fairytales Flock: Robin as Steampunk Cinderella

cindrella-outfit-optionsWow, it’s been a while since I posted one of these paper dolls, hasn’t it? My last set was East of the Sun, West of the Moon which I was quite proud of. I took a little break from the Flock dolls and now I’ve returned with a Cinderella set. To be honest, my return was partly inspired by Paper Doll School’s fairytale paper dolls and by the Toy Box Philosopher’s wonderful reviews of the Ever After High dolls that Mattel is making (though they include characters that are not fairytale characters… Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is NOT a fairytale…)

Anyway, for my Cinderella, I decided to stick to the Grimm version of the tale where Cinderella is a little more proactive. The Grimm version of the tale includes three balls, no pumpkin, lots of birds and eventually people cutting off parts of their feet (ewww). Actually, like a lot of Grimm tales it is a pretty… well… Grimm tale.

One of the challenges of all the fairytale Flock sets is trying to figure out which parts of the tale make logical symbols for the paper doll set. For Cinderella, I chose to use birds and clocks as my two thematic elements, since both play a major role in the tale of Cinderella.


Fairytale Flock: Robin as Cinderella
thumb_robin_doll_cinderella_steampunk_magnetic_paper_doll thumb_robin_cinderella_steampunk_magnetic_paper_doll
Robin as Cinderella Doll PDF Download Cinderella’s Clothing PDF Download



  1. I was so excited to see this today. The fairy tale flock paper dolls are one of my favorites. I love the top with the birds on it and the skirt with the clocks. What fairy tale are you going to do next?

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