Melinda’s Leprechaun

I do have a plan for a St. Patrick’s Day paper doll, but it’s not a leprechaun. As many of you know, it can take me a long time to go from paper doll idea to actual paper doll (sometimes as long as a year), so I usually try to plan holiday paper dolls several months in advance.

However, I had some requests for a Margot leprechaun and one of my readers, named Melinda, decided to take things into her own hands and create one.

I’d like everyone to meet the leprechaun by Melinda. Melinda is a sophmore at Seattle University and she decided we needed a leprechaun paper doll, so she took outfits from several different sets and created one of her own. I’ve added the leprechaun, along with another paper doll set colored by Melinda to the Showcase.

How cool is that?

So, I have a challenge for everyone else. Can anyone name all the sets these pieces come from? I’m embarrassed to admit that I got a few of them right off and then I had to search for one of them to make sure I was right.


  1. Mia goes Minimalist, Autumn Chic, Flowers and Jewels, Enchanting Evening, Seagulls and Seaside, Fairytale Maiden, the hats I’ll name after a search, (if that’s not cheating,) the doll is from Coastal Princess.

  2. Thank you Rachel. I did it in between studying for finals and doing my homework.

    My friends in the Health and Wellness Crew Office were the ones who suggested I make one myself. When the faithful receptionist, Anna, saw her Galaxy Duchess doll, she said, “Try it yourself!”

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