Mia Goes Minimalist…

logo-asian-minimalist-paper-dollI love March. I love March for the fashion magazines that come out in March. March, like September, is a big month in the Fashion magazine world. It’s right after Spring Fashion Week and the fashion magazines are stuffed with the new seasonal looks.

I always like to buy several when I go to the grocery store. I love Vogue for it’s amazing photo shoots, but for paper dolling purposes I want simple clear photos of clothing. (Models jumping around or standing in wierd poses are beautiful and all, but a pain to draw off of.) Generally, I pick from People StyleWatch, Elle, Instyle, Vogue or Bazaar. This time I wasn’t impressed with any of them except Instyle, and there wasn’t a new People Stylewatch to be had, so I just got my Instyle and spent Saturday drawing this paper doll set. (Also watching Escape from New York and Wall-e, but I digress.)

All of Mia’s clothing is based off items I saw in InStyle with a focus on things that were part of the minimalist collections that have been on the runway as of late, especially from Micheal Kors, Carolina Herrar and Ralph Lauren. I didn’t want to do pattern and I didn’t want to do anything elaborate, I wanted to focus on shape.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}

I’m really pleased with all the clothes, but a little less pleased with the doll. I decided to make her a Mia after I finished drawing the whole set, because I haven’t done a Mia yet this year, but once I finished her I realized that I have done a very similar hairstyle before for Mia before.

Anyway, I’m still pleased with this paper doll set and very excited to color it. It’s going to be a lot different I think than any other set I’ve done which is, to me, exciting.


  1. She has some clothes that look kind of the same as Seagulls and Seaside…… But they are still very cute. 🙂 Also, I think that you should do a new Mini Maiden named Corissa…. (I’m a little obsessed with that name right now….) 😀

    1. Seagulls and Seaside was based on last years summer fashion magazines and Minimalist is based on this years spring fashion magazines. I do think there are some similarities there. Contemporary fashion just doesn’t change that quickly. Every year I do a fair number of “fashion magazine” paper dolls based on fashion magazines I buy. Some are more obvious than others.

      The Mini-Maidens are being named alphabetically (mostly for my own sanity), so the next one (whenever that happens) will have a I name.

  2. That’s a very wearable wardrobe & I love the clean lines. I love the yellow-white-light grey color scheme right now. Seems to be everywhere lately. Can’t wait to see the colors you go with!

  3. I generally like the modern fashion dolls the least, but that doesn’t mean I *don’t* like them! I really like the long open jacket in the corner and the architectural shirt a little below it especially. I’ve found that while Vogue and Bazaar and ridiculously fun to look at, they aren’t actually useful to me the way InStyle and Lucky are.

  4. I’ve never read Lucky, maybe I should try it. I find I never actually read Instyle or PeopleStylewatch. I just like to look at the pictures of clothing. 🙂

    And then draw paper dolls based off them.

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