Marisole Monday & Friends: On Future Streets…

logo-marisole-2014-cyberpunk-paper-doll-full-colorSo, last week I was feel very meh about this paper doll set.

Now, I’m rather in love with it.

I have a very on again, off again relationship with my paper dolls sometimes. I mean, if I was dating this blog, I would definitely declare the relationship highly unhealthy. As it is, the Blog is a demanding associate.

Anyway, I have decided on a name for this new “face” of Marisole. I’m calling her Magnolia, after the magnolia trees that aren’t blooming at all in the dead of winter in Alabama, but which are beautiful anyway. She’s stuck in the Other Friends category though until I decide if I like her enough to draw more sets for her.

{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}

I went back and forth and back and forth about Magnolia’s skin tone. I wanted to something darker than my standard Marisole skintone. I’ve posted before about my Skintone Pallette which I use to select skin tones for the blog. Now I was going to go with my darkest color which is #3b2219 which, as you can see, is a very dark brown. The trouble with #3b2219 is that it makes seeing the black lines on the drawing nearly impossible, especially when you print out the paper doll.

So, I lightened the skin-tone to a new shade which is #502e22 which I like a lot better, though it lacks the richness of the darker brown. I want to use #3b2219 more, but I am having trouble with it allowing the line-work to show up. I need to think about how to fix that problem in the future.

One last thing, I finally got the PDF of Seagulls and Seaside In Color fixed. Never let it be said I don’t get things done… eventually. 🙂

Oh and before I forget, I want to wish a happy President’s Day to those celebrating here in the United States.

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  1. I’m new to your paper dolls and I must say I love them! I printed some out for my little girl, but as I was cutting them out and thinking of what to print next I realized I’m SO doing this for me 🙂 thanks for the awesome designs! I love these bright colors!

    1. It’s perfectly okay to cut out the paper dolls mostly for yourself. I would totally be that way if I had children and I’m pretty sure my parents bought some toys more for themselves than for me. 🙂

  2. this is awesome ~ it’s always amazing to see the palette you choose (i had gone in a totally different direction, mentally).

    total win!

    : D

    p.s. the subtleties between the browns may be lost on a lot of monitors/printers. it’s hard to get the kind of nuance you’re looking for without professional-grade printing. i think your compromise works ~ she’s lovely!

    1. Well, I’ve done a lot of “cyperpunk”-esque sets over the years (blame it on Shadowrun and reading Gibson at a young, impressionable age) and so I kinda got sick of the usual black white and florescent pink or green that seems to be so standard in that genre. So… sometimes I go a little crazy with my colors.

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