January! Time for My Usual Poll…

Every January for the last few years, I have posted the same poll. I’ve asked readers to tell me what they want to see on Paper Thin Personas. I usually make a list of a few different things I think I’d like to do and I let people tell me what they want.

This time things are going to be a little different.

This time I’m asking for a tiny bit more involvement. If you want to vote in the usual annual poll, it’s over on the sidebar and will be there for the next two weeks and I encourage everyone to do it. I really do pay attention to the results. Heck, that’s how the Poppets and the Pucks and my poorly drawn male companion to Marisole happened (he’s getting a reboot… someday).

BUT… if you want to possibly win a custom paper doll AND get some input on what you’d like to see… than post a comment as well (or email me if you’re concerned about privacy) and answer two of the following three questions:

    A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year? (This can be anything. More contests, a paper doll of a librarian, or tutorials or something that’s on my poll)
    B. What brings you to PTP? (I get most of us come for the paper dolls. Some of us come because they know me (Hi Mom & Dad), but what draws you in and what makes you return or not return?)
    C. What do you dislike most about PTP? (Please be honest. You don’t hurt my feelings. I promise. Do my spelling errors bother you? (Hi Dad) Do the sometimes broken links really get on your nerves? Do you wish you could just find every black and white Marisole Monday paper doll easily?)

If you answer one of my questions (either here or through email) then you will be entered in the drawing. If you won a contest last year, it’s a new year, so you can still win this one. The drawing/contest is going to be open until Wednesday the 15th of January.

Otherwise, my usual contest rules apply (see the FAQ) and the prize is a custom drawn paper doll from any of my series. I will contact the winner via the email entered in the comment form, so make sure that email actually works. If I don’t hear from my winners in a week after the email is sent, I’ll draw another name.

By the way, this is my 499th post. Next one is going to be 500. Maybe I’ll do something special.

Edit: Congratulations to Gwendolyn and Jo winners of my drawing. The contest is officially closed, however, feel free to continue telling me what you think you want. 🙂

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  1. So, first I’d like to say how much I love all your paper dolls and how cool I think it is that you draw them yourself and post them for free.

    A. I’d really like to see a historical paper doll. I’d love to see the 1920s or maybe something older like Tudor or Medieval. Plus I’d love to see some more info on drawing stuff. Like that shirt tutorial that you did.

    B. I totally come for the paper dolls, but I also really find I enjoy the fashion history stuff you talk about.

  2. I’ve followed your bog for a while now but never commented. I think my favorite dolls would have to be Poppets, Mini Maidens and of course Marisole. But one thing I’ve noticed is, while Marisole’s been everything from an alien to a zombie, she doesn’t have any pjs. It’d be cool to see that, or maybe beachwear like you did for the Pixies.

  3. I really do adore your blog, but I know sometimes its helpful to hear constructive criticism, so I’ll answer question C.

    It really annoys me that I can’t easily find all the black and white Marisole paper dolls. My kids LOVE coloring them and I feel like I’ve missed some and can’t track them down.

    Please keep drawing. Your work is wonderful.

  4. A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year? It would be really awesome to have a paper doll librarian! Maybe a Minecraft paper doll would be cool too.

    B. What brings you to PTP? I love the paper dolls and learning about some things here and there. I also love to read what you wrote. The posts are very interesting and amusing at times.

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP? The only thing that bothers me are(/is? That always confused me) the broken links.

    Thanks for having this site! It is awesome and I really enjoy looking at all the dolls. You have really cool ideas and it is relaxing to color them. Thanks again!

  5. i love everything about your site, so i will answer A & B.

    A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?

    more in-progress stuff, more dolls from your youth ~ i love to see the development process, so all the behind the scenes stuff is very inspiring to me.

    B. What brings you to PTP?

    the paperdolls, of course ~ but also what i wrote above. i like to know the work behind the work; how it’s done, what inspires you. and i love that your dolls are serial dolls ~ so that there are many characters but also many outfits (endlessly, almost!). nothing makes me sadder than one-shot dolls with only two outfits to wear.

    you have the best paper doll blog online right now (i don’t even hesitate to declare it so), so it’s wonderful to be able to visit the standard. whenever i come here, i want to get my act together and get my own dolls in order.

    : D

  6. A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?
    I always like you historical sets, so more of those would be nice.
    I did like the Dictionary Girls, so maybe try to resurrect that series.

    B. What brings you to PTP?
    I love the paper dolls. The dolls and the clothes are always so detailed. I also like that you have a wide variety of clothes; modern stuff, historical stuff, fantasy stuff and everything in between.

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP?
    Hmm, nothing really specific. Certain outfits I like more than others. I don’t really like the steampunk type outfits, but that’s just because I never really liked steampunk stuff in general.

  7. I like your Poppets as they are clothed and are young girls that I can send to my sponsored girls through Compassion Canada. The girls I sponsor are in Indonesia and Haiti, so I’m not sure if I sent the Marisole paper dolls if they would be covered up enough – though the clothing I think would be more fun for the teenage girl.
    Thanks for being so generous to make these available to us – as I don’t have a drawing bone in my body! I’m looking forward to hearing from the girls and how they liked these dolls.

  8. A. what would you like to see on PTP next year?

    well I really like all of your paper dolls and you have a very wide variety of dolls and clothes. the one thing I would like to see more of is beach wear.

    B. what brings you to PTP?

    what brings me to PTP is mainly the dolls but I do like to read your posts because it is nice to see someone being so honest about there own work.

    I really have nothing bad to say about your blog at all.

    keep up the good work!

  9. A. I would kind of like to see more “career” sort of outfits. I really likes the astronaut doll, and a librarian, doctor, or something would be cool.

    B. I keep coming back because your dolls are so cute and adorable and every new one just makes my day. I also quite enjoy looking at you’re color schemes for outfits, because I am not good at seeing what colors go well together. So yours helps.

  10. A. I would like to see a tutorial on how to make paper dolls.

    B. I was searching the web for coloring pages or paper dolls to do with my siblings and found consistently cute colorable paper dolls on you site. Now I am hooked.

    C. the shadowing on the curves dolls kind of freaks me out…. but that is probably just me.

  11. I come for the paper dolls. I’m a nanny and I print out some for the little girls I nanny to play with. They love it and the parents like that it gets them away from the TV.

    I’d like some more male dolls (even shorter series ones) or more curves posts, since I like the big girl paper doll series a lot.

  12. A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?

    More clothing for the male dolls.

    B. What brings you to PTP?

    I like to see the wide variety of clothing. I like how well drawn it is too. The really good update schedule keeps me here. The vintage dolls and research resources are a really fun bonus.

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP?

    I’m not fond of the faces for your bases. The eyes kind of remind me of an alien and the mouth always looks pursed.

  13. A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?

    I think I would like to see more Scifi and Fantasy content for the dolls, and a better male for Marisole Monday (he needs a reboot). Something that I think would be cool is if you could trasfer some of the outfits from Shadow & Light to Marisole, I think those would be really good.

    B. What brings you to PTP?

    I keep coming back because I really like being able to color your paper dolls and I like having so many different outfits to dress them in. they work well for a simple way of showing what your character looks like to a group of Role players.

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP?

    Things I dilike… the eyes on the Marisole and friends are off, some times it looks like she is looking in two different directions. The lack of a proper looking male for Marisole, but you already know that. some of the pants have great looking waist areas but they are covered up by all the shirts so you dont get to see them. Maybe some tops that stop at the waist would be nice.

  14. Question a – I’d love to see historical dolls, anything from ancient times up to victorian and such, and I’d love to see marisole in them!
    Question B – Marisole, and your obvious talent – it’s fun to see what you’re doing each week!
    Question C – The Colors you use for the links, especially in the bottom bar…. Not very readable, for my eyes. You also might use the tags just a bit more selectively – and tag the black and white as something that amounts to colorable, as it’d make it easier for people to find them 🙂

  15. I’ve been following your site for about six months, and I really appreciate all the work you put into the paper dolls that you post for free. Thank you!

    A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?
    I would love to see more historical paper dolls, particularly from the years 900-1600 in Europe. You’ve done quite a few historical designs for later years, and you’ve done a lot of fantasy designs, but I would love to see some true medieval dolls.
    I would also like to see more African-themed paper dolls (see answer B for why!)

    B. What brings you to PTP?
    I am sponsoring a child in Zambia through World Vision, and I can only send her items that fit in an envelope. I got the idea that I could send her paper dolls, and was searching for brown-skinned dolls that would look more like her when I found this site. I’ve been hooked ever since (and I have sent her your dolls).

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP?
    That the dolls wear high heels almost exclusively. I can understand heels going with modern outfits, though I never wear them myself and so sometimes wish a doll shared my taste in footwear. However, seeing heels in other places (with armor or other medieval clothing in particular) makes me cringe. Please let your dolls wear practical footwear sometimes!

    Thank you again for sharing your dolls with us. 🙂

  16. A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?
    Well…I like the Flock magnetic dolls…though that is probably just because you’ve been doing fairy tales. I’d love to see more small run dolls, too, though. (I colored six different version of the lady of the manor set.)

    B. What brings you to PTP?
    I like that you try to frequently update your site. I also like your artistic style. It’s a lot different than anything I would (or, more likely, could) do.

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP?
    …Sorry, I’m with your dad. The spelling errors bug me sometimes.
    Not really a dislike but I think it would be okay if not every set came with it’s own doll. I want the clothes more than dolls.

  17. Question 1: I would love to see a Doctor Who Marisole doll, such as Amy Pond or River Song.(I would prefer River from Silence in the Library!) I would also like to see some pets.

    Question 2: Your paper dolls of course! Especially Marisole Monday. They are super cute!!!

    Question 3: Shadow & Light. They’re kind of creepy! And I don’t like how a lot of the Marisole dolls don’t come in black and white.

    If you could make all the Marisole dolls that don’t have b&w versions b&w versions, that would be super. Thanks for the cool paper dolls! 🙂

  18. A. I don’t know if you have done one before but I would really like to see if you could make some paper dolls of famous singers or actors. Another good idea would be twin sets. You could have identical twins or they could be completely different.
    B. I came for your paper dolls as they extremely awesome! I especially love pixies.
    C. Spelling errors usually do annoy me but luckily I haven’t seen any. It is a bit annoying how you draw a new face for every pixie but you only have a few for Marisole Mondays, no offence!
    I hope you continue making paper dolls just as awesome as all your other ones or maybe even better!

  19. A. What would you like to see on PTP in the next year?
    More dolls! Seriously, I like the suggestion for more career type dolls, but also widening Marisole styles into the Mini-Maidens because with the different pose I see them more as friends or like a younger sister.

    B. What brings you to PTP?
    I like the wide variety of hair styles, accessories, etc., because I mix work with them in Photoshop to create a base for coloring. Last night I even experimented with using a fabric sample as part a dolls clothing.

    C. What do you dislike most about PTP?
    Too many princesses. I like the suggestion for more career oriented costumes since I want to create strong female paper dolls.

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