Marisole Monday & Friends: Zippers, Ruffles and a New Friend All In Color :)

ruffles-zippers-outfit-optionsToday, we have our printable paper doll showing off her slightly girly wardrobe of ruffles in purples and pinks. As you may recall, last week this printable paper doll was in black and white for coloring.

For those of you who play Shadowrun, the little iphone looking device she wears strapped to her arm is her commlink (she’s a technomancer, so she mostly wears one for show) and the glasses are her AR vision glasses. You may need to extend the tabs and paste them together to slip them over her head. For those of you who don’t play Shadowrun, then she’s just a chick with some crazy glasses, a teddy bear and some really ruffled skirts that she likes to wear.

On the left, you can see some of the outfit options. There are actually fifty-two outfit combinations here. (I’ve posted before about how to do paper doll clothing combination math) since everything is mix and matchable. I think there are actually a few more since two of the tops can be worn either over the tanks, as I tend to imagine them, or as separate pieces. If you include the two sweaters as layer pieces than you have 76 outfit options. Not bad for a wardrobe of 13 clothing pieces, not including the gloves or the glasses or the commlink.

Also, apparently I’m not the only one whose ever been possessed to make paper dolls out of Shadowrun races. Personally, I think they’re wonderful paper dolls, but not really my style. My style is much more girly.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}
Thoughts? Comments? Things you’d like to tell me? Drop me a comment.

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  1. I clicked the PDF link and it brought up the fairy in the garden doll. There’s also a problem with the Seagulls and Seaside PDF. That one doesn’t load at all.

    1. The PDF should be fixed. Thanks for letting me know. I had some problems with saving this file last night and it apparently didn’t save all of my last minute changes. The problem with the Seagulls and Seaside PDF is a more complicated one and has to do with how the PDF was originally saved. The file was corrupted, so it’s on my list of things to fix, but it takes a bit of time to redo the file. 🙂

  2. On the outfit combination on the bottom right corner, she has a choker necklace, but she didn’t have one when I printed her out. Whats up with that????

    1. Hard to say. I may have forgotten it or borrowed the choker from another set. I do that sometimes when I’m playing with the pieces on my computer.

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