Marisole Monday & Friends: Zippers, Ruffles and a New Friend

Marisole Monday and Friends Logo and Link to free printable Marisole Monday paper dollSo… this is what you might call a paper doll that got to have an evolution. I originally planned on drawing a more typical cyberpunk set, but um…. I was bored at a thing and I started doodling and the outcome was a drawing of one of my Shadowrun character’s named Claudia.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of my hobbies is playing table top RPGs. I have several favorites, but one of them is Shadowrun, which just came out with a fifth edition rule set. Today’s paper doll is based on my last Shadowrun character, a technomancer named Claudia and her best-friend, an AI inside a teddy-bear named Douglas. (Technically, Douglas should have a suit and a carving knife, but um… that would be creepy.)

By the way, at this point, you might be wondering if its possible that I have any more socially awkward hobbies and the answer is no, I’m just your normal board-game playing, paper doll drawing special collections librarian who sometimes pretends to be an elf (except not really, because I pretty much dislike elves in general. Don’t ask).

Thumbnail link image printable paper doll
{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for More Marisole Monday & Friends Printable Paper Dolls}

I did a few things differently with this paper doll. I redid the face to be a little more like I imagined Claudia looking. It’s not a Marisole face and it’s not a Margot face. I realize this is unusual which is why I have started a new category in Marisole Monday called Other Friends. I have no idea if I’ll do more “unusual” Marisole Monday & Friends paper dolls, but odder things have happened on this blog.

She’ll be up in color next week. :)

And Happy Sixth Night of Hanukkah everyone.

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8 Responses to Marisole Monday & Friends: Zippers, Ruffles and a New Friend

  1. Tamara says:

    I like her new face :)

  2. Kiri says:

    I like this new paper doll! I feel bad for the bear, though. It doesn’t seem that he has any clothing. Your hobbies actually sound pretty awesome! I just became a page at a library near my house, so maybe I should start doing some random hobby too. Does playing on Minecraft for hours on end and writing short stories count?

    • RLC says:

      He does need some clothing. I might have to work on that… :) Good luck with your page work and I certainly think minecraft and writing count as hobbies.

  3. jazz13 says:

    I really like her, but whenever I click for a PDF, she always comes up as the flower fairy. :( If you could fix it that would be great. :)

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