The First Buxom & Bodacious Paper Doll in Color

logo-candy-cyberpunk-colorYay and it’s a full color paper doll!

Happy fifth night of Hanukkah.

I have to say, I am enjoying trying to get a paper doll posted each night of Hanukkah this year, but I highly doubt I will ever do it again, or at least not until next year, this is stressful. Someone once told me I should do an Advent Calendar with a new paper doll every night until Christmas.

And I thought, Thanks Goodness I’m Jewish and I don’t have to even contemplate trying to pull that off. Scary. (Though I suppose if I did it as a doll the first night and than a dress every other night it might not be so bad…. Nevermind. I’m not doing that. That is insane.)

This evening’s paper doll hails from the new full-figured or curvy series called Bodacious and Buxom. I wanted to use bright cheerful colors and stay away from black which tends to overwhelm my cyberpunky sets.

buxom-candy-cyberpunk-color {Download a PDF of this paper doll to Color} {View a 150 dpi PNG of this Paper Doll to Color} {More Bodacious and Buxom Printable Paper Dolls}
Of course, I did post todays printable paper doll in black and white for coloring yesterday, so you can color her other ways than how I have if you wish.

All right, what do people think? Do they like the new series? Are people as excited about it as I am? Let me know in a comment.

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6 Responses to The First Buxom & Bodacious Paper Doll in Color

  1. Julie says:

    I love the new doll! She’s cute and her face has a wonderfully fierce attitude. I’m super jealous of your immense creativity :)

    And I’m that crazy person posting a new doll everyday for the month of December. You’re right — it’s insane!

    • RLC says:

      It is insane, but I have loads of respect for you for trying to post a paper doll a day in December. I’m having enough trouble getting up eight in a row (though fortunately, I had a lot of old ransom stuff I can post.)

  2. boots says:

    i love it! she’s wonderfully cheery!

    and happy Hanukkah!

    : D

  3. Skullette says:

    I like this series – the dolls & outfits are cute and fun. I am having trouble with the pdf for the color version of Candied Cyper Punk – everytime it opens, I get one of the pdf downloads for the poppit series.

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