Some more paper doll clothes for the Mannequins…

logo-ms-mannequin-5So… personally, I would love to own that orange dress.

I would wear it around here and people would say, “Are you an Auburn football fan?”

And I would say, “Nope, but I have on a sassy orange dress.”

See? Everything is better when you’re wearing a sassy orange dress. (By the way, I’m neither an Auburn or an Alabama fan, but I’ve learned it’s best not to mention football at all around here unless you really want to be dragged into a conversation about it. Since I can’t stand football, I keep my mouth shut.)

I have no idea how the Ms. Mannequin paper dolls feel about football… I somehow seem them as being more polo types, but that’s perhaps an unfair sterotype of the rich. Not being rich, I really have no idea what absurdly wealthy people do for fun. (I always assume my paper dolls are absurdly wealthy, since they have such large wonderful designer clothes.)

ns-clothes-5 ns-clothes-5-BW

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  1. I just moved to Alabama myself. It’s pretty hard to talk about much of anything down here without football coming up. I can’t stand the sport either.

    1. Football is pretty much a religion down here, as far as I can tell. I don’t mind watching it, but I’m not much of a fan. I don’t really think I understand football (but I rarely say this, lest someone try to explain it to me.)

  2. I live in NC and it’s pretty much the same here. I’ve blacked out cool magnets to avoid any football discussions when people come over. Our local team are Pirates, I once commented that pirates are pretty poor role models and got actual gasps along with the dirty looks. I don’t get it, but maybe that’s normal for a paper doll kind of person.

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