Sketchbook Once More… Paper Dolls of the Future

The first preview from the my sketchbook in a while. As usual, the photos are poorly taken by my iPhone, but the advantage of the sketchbook is that it doesn’t move or complain about being photographed.

So, sometimes I draw fairy things… I’ve had a few request for this set over the last few months and I finally decided to sit down and go for it. The fairy mix and match wardrobe should be up really soon…. possibly as the next set of Marisole Monday posts. I don’t know yet, it just got scanned yesterday.

Fantasy dressed for Marisole Monday and Friends. I love the elaborate hairstyle, it was inspired by my Africa Elf paper doll from so long ago.

Remember the new curvy printable paper doll series I mentioned a while ago? Well… here’s some clothing for her in the future. An Alice in Wonderland inspired set of outfits.

Do any of these potential paper doll sets excite you? I’m excited about the fairies, personally.


      1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been one of my favorite books for as long as I can remember. I keep meaning to get an Alice done to celebrate the books original first publication date, but it always seems to pass me by.

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