The 27th Shadow and Light Printable Paper Doll

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Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve done one of these paper dolls and I have missed them.

I developed drawing in this style in college, because I admired the work of many wonderful comic book artists. As I got more concerned with the playability of the paper dolls rather than what I thought was artistic merit, I largely abandoned it for paper doll work and went back to my more cartoony style.

Still… I love the idea of black and white paper dolls that aren’t meant to be colored and can stand alone as pieces of work without needing color.

Today’s Shadow & Light printable paper doll has a 1930’s noir sensibility that I think the heavily shadowed medium really illustrates well and I adore her side glancing eyes.

One of the other reasons I love doing Shadow and Light paper dolls is that they come together very quickly. Well… not the inking and drawing parts (those take more time with all the shadow), but the actualy formatting is quick since they don’t need to be colored and usually I draw the taps right on the paper doll clothing rather than adding them later.

By the way, I have a new poll. I have done this poll once, several years ago. That time, the Marisol Monday won out, by a landslide. I’m curious of that would happen again. I suppose we’ll see.


  1. She is very pretty.

    I like that the paper dolls looking sidewards seem to be communicating with something that I can’t see. Sort of like they are in their own world and I just happen to see them posing for a moment.

    1. I love the side glancing eyes. I think they look considerably less likely to stare at you and then come to life at night and stab you to death with small paper knives.

      Well… that got creepy fast. I think I like your interpretation better.

  2. I really like some of the dresses but I don’t really like the dolls. if you could maybe convert some of the dresses to Marisole that would be great. (but if you can’t that’s OK.) :)No offense of course……….. 😀

    1. I won’t be converting from one paper doll series to another. A version of a dress from one series might appear on another series, but the truth is that I loath going back and redoing old work. The Shadow and Light dolls are done in a pretty distinct style which I know doesn’t appeal to some people and that’s okay.

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