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As I’ve mentioned before, my apartment flooded.

After it happened, I moved. I got myself back together. I bought some new furniture. I had some wonderfully supportive friends.

One of the things I did this weekend was update the Red Binder.

The red binder is home to all important blog documents.
The red binder is home to all important blog documents.

What, you might not unreasonably ask, is the red binder?

This is how I stay organized. It is called the “Red Binder” or, sometimes when I can’t find it, the “Where the @$^&@# Did I Put That Binder”, but usually the “Red Binder” and in it lives a copy of every serial paper doll on the site and quite a few of the non-serial ones.


The most important blog documents are the master copies of every paper doll series.
The most important blog documents are the master copies of every paper doll series.

I have every paper doll base doll in a plastic sleeve in the binder with multiple copies (usually three to five) and this keeps me from losing the base dolls and it makes sure that I know where they are. Since I tend to sketch when I have time, I usually carry one to three base dolls with me, so I have something to draw off of if I’m watching a movie or have a slow evening at home. I don’t have a dedicated studio space, so I have to be able to carry around my art with me.

The Red Binder usually also houses my calendar where I chart out what posts will go up when. Since I always have multiple things in the works, having a chart keeps me sane. It also allows me to prioritize. For example, if I have just done a fantasy set, I might choose to work on a modern set next for the same series or if I have a holiday coming up, then I try to remember to draw something for it. Though this year, it’s not looking likely that my Halloween project will be completed in time.

If you’re planning on blogging about anything- paper dolls or otherwise- I recommend keeping a calendar and a binder. It’s helpful to have everything in one place. Any thoughts from other bloggers?


  1. I admire your organization! It’s truly inspiring when I look at the stacks of manila folders littering my desk area (my attempt at organization) and random piles of “doodles I may turn into paper dolls some year…”– your binder method seems so clean and useful!

    1. Well… I just use it for the base dolls and a calendar. I have piles of doodles around my apartment as well, so its hard to claim to much organizational skill.

  2. ha! i try to keep mine in binders as well. probably not nearly as organized as you, but occasionally i manage to find what i am looking for.

    i am impressed by your calendar idea. now that’s something should be better about!

    : D

    1. I love calendars. I seriously would be lost without mine. It allows me to make choices that seem priority based, rather than random. Not to say I don’t ignore it pretty often as well… because I do.

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