Emergency Hiatus

Um… While I was traveling, there was a slight problem with the apartment above my apartment and the resulting water damage has rendered me homeless for the moment. I’m safe, most of my things are safe, and no one was hurt. However, while I search for a new home, I just won’t be able to keep up with the blog.

Hopefully, everything will be settled in a few weeks and things can move back to normal here.

Keep me in your thoughts as I apartment hunt.


– Rachel

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  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I had something similar happen (water damage from an upstairs fire) and only lost my copy of “All’s Well That Ends Well,” but the emotional turmoil and “where did I put that?” grew tiring before I re-settled.

  2. oh now wretched! i hope you are handling the stress of it all well enough ~ and hope that you get new digs to your liking soon.

    hang in there!

  3. Oh bummer! I hope you find the perfect apartment and all ends well.

    P.S. I remember you mentioning that you like Star Trek… I’ve been working on a series of Trek paperdolls. So far I have a Bajoran and a Cardassian… I’m posting a Klingon this afternoon. Feel free to stop by my website and check ’em out! 😀

  4. I hope you can find an apartment soon! I’m really missing the blogs new paper dolls but as long as your safe everything is okay! What happened was really unfortunate but you will find something sooner or later!

  5. Hi! I just love your paper dolls, but can’t seem to send you and e-mail – apparently my Outlook is corrupt! Is it possible to post your e-mail somewhere? I am currently making magnetized dolls out of your designs and would like to share how to do it on my blog if possible.

    Great that you have found somewhere to live!

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