Marisole Monday & Friends: Mia with Seagulls and Seaside In Color

seagulls_seaside_mia_paper_doll_color{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

The colors on this Mia paper doll set were inspired by the Pantone 2013 Spring color report and by signal flags for nautical ships. When I was a kid, I remember my father was practicing for his captains license from the US coast guard and I would quiz him on signal flags. It was also the first time I ever heard Morse code in person.

Remarkable stuff, Morse code.

Anyway, I’m rather pleased with how the color scheme came out. Mia will be quite stylish at the yacht club in this set of costumes. I have complete faith in her sense of decorum and style.

So, normally I have no problem coming up with ideas, but lately, I’ve been feeling a little stumped on the Marisole paper doll front. So, I am open to suggestions. Anyone got something they desperately want to see?

I’ve recently had requests for cowgirls, ballerinas (probably not going to happen since tutus sort of freak me out), saris, swimsuits and opera (though I confess I don’t know a THING about opera).

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  1. I was thinking you could do a regional series, which could include a cowgirl for the South and maybe a surfer for California, etc.

    Re: Opera.
    Check opera Websites for opera titles and synopses and then use Google images to find costume sketches by title. What’s interesting about opera (and Shakespeare) is there is the “classic” costuming but they can also be moved to different time periods so you could do that character in different time periods. Many operas are adapted from plays so you may have read the play or seen a movie adaptation at some point.
    Metropolitan Opera (NYC) has a synopsis and a video:
    You can also listen to them on radio or online:

    Hope that helps!

    1. Opera is a problem… I need to do more research. I think maybe doing a single opera would be fun… perhaps the magic flute, since it’s got that great Night Queen and also a plot that makes absolutely NO sense. Of course, if it did make sense, I guess it wouldn’t be opera.

  2. I’ve been doing some research for a new doll of my own and I found this site: Russiapedia It’s about various forms of Russian and Eastern European costume. Seems like something you might find interesting!

  3. I think ballet would be good.. there are many ballets that don’t have the stiff tutu most people think of. Giselle is one (the Willies in the second half are great with their tiny little wings and long skirts ). You could also have a warm-up outfit (you know… leotard, leg warmers + pointe shoes).

    Opera could mean two things: Opera Goer, or again… costumes from a famous opera or two…

    Irish step dancing costumes, traditional Scottish outfits, Belly Dancing, Fortune Teller and Sari’s would be great to see as well (assuming you haven’t already done any of them…)

    1. I’ve done the fortune teller thing, though not belly dancing for Marisole (there’s a belly dancing Pixie somewhere… Not recalling the name at the moment), so I will have to think about that one. Wonderful ideas.

    1. I have been meaning to do a fairy for Marisole, I just keep forgetting… Need to stick that on my radar screen more visibly. Noir Punk… I should go back to that strange experiment another day.

  4. I share all your dolls with my special needs daughter. She would dearly love anything to do with barn owls or butterflies (maybe even together), especially if it involved purple.

    1. Well, Librarian’s are really neat. Of course, I’m a bit biased being one. I think it’s great she’s volunteering. I did some of that when I was in middle school. I think some owls or butterflies could be arranged. Purple, huh? Hmmm… maybe a purple princess. I don’t use a lot of purple.

    1. That’s a neat blog that I wasn’t familiar with, so thank you, Kat. I’m always looking for new sources of ideas.

      I’m afraid Native American won’t be happening in the future. I could get into the complicated reasons why, but I am pretty uncomfortable drawing any sort of traditional dress, particularly Native American regalia which so often has religious significance. Someday, I’ll do a long post on the horrible treatment of Native American’s in the paper doll genre, but that’s a rant for another day.

      And matching Marcus outfits is a great idea.

  5. For the end of summer, maybe some gardening outfits, like overalls and a wide brimmed hat and gardening gloves? A shirt with sunflowers, a plaid work shirt, a tool belt/apron for spade and trimmers and such? Watering can or bushel basket?

    1. It’s a neat idea… I do always have trouble coming up with accessories and my Mom loves to garden… so maybe it would be a good set to make magnetic for her. She’s expressed some feelings that her magnetic set needs more friends.

    1. I love the idea of feed-sack prints. I have this adoration for 1930’s revival print fabrics with edges into the obsessive. Tiny prints can be hard to reproduce in a way that is legible in such a small format, but I’ll have to think on it. The thing I really love from the 1930’s are children’s clothing. So, you idea might become a child paper doll. Mod clothing would be fun too… I’ve sort of done it, but it was ages ago. (And there was nothing historically accurate about that rendition.)

  6. I’ve tried downloading the PDF for this one, but it won’t come up. I don’t have a problem with any of the others, though.

  7. Hi there, Great work! I was wondering if there was any way to print the dolls larger. I use them in my English classes here in Chile to teach children (girls) about clothing. If everything was twice the size they would be easier to cut…
    Cheers from Chile!
    Do you live in Alaska?

    1. If you download the PDF, you should be able to select to print it at 200%. As long as you choose the same percentage for all the dolls and clothing than it should still fit. I grew up in Alaska, though I do not currently live there. 🙂

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