Marisole Monday & Friends: Late Summer Flowers

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A new Margot paper doll today in black and white for coloring. Also, she has glassess

It’s been a sort of surreal few days and I nearly didn’t get this done. I’ve been fighting a flea problem in my apartment, as I mentioned last week, and while I don’t see any fleas today, every time I feel a little itch, I get nervous. Needless to say, I’m not really keen on insects at the moment.

Meanwhile, the new school year starts in a few weeks which means things get busy at the library. I like it when the school year begins though, because I find campus feel empty when it is just staff and graduate students.

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4 Responses to Marisole Monday & Friends: Late Summer Flowers

  1. Meredith Johnson says:

    I love her cute modern and girly wardrobe, I defiantly can’t wait to color this

  2. jazz13 says:

    Ugh, fleas. My dog had fleas for a month and it was HORRID….

  3. Beth Seegmiller says:

    Hello. My sisters are crazy for paper dolls. This was the first website they found ’em on.

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