Marisole Monday: Lord of the North


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Another Marcus paper doll today… Marcus was the subject of a conversation with my friend who I stayed with during my travels…

Me: See, I made a boy for the Marisoles…
Friend: He looks really unhappy…
Me: No, he doesn’t.
Friend: Or maybe just constipated…
Me: Humph…

Now, of course, when I look at him all I can think is… “Does he look depressed or constipated?”

So, clearly, you can’t show your friends anything.

This is my second Marcus paper doll, ever, so I do think I’m still working out the kinks. I must confess he still feels very big to me, next to Marisole. I can’t decide how much the size difference bothers me. Anyway, think of him as a prince or huntsman or whatever you might need to provide a friend for some of the fantasy paper doll sets I’ve done over the years.

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  1. His proportions are a little different than Marisole and that might be throwing you off. She’s about 5 and 1/2 heads tall and he’s about 5. And I think he looks tough and brooding, not depressed of constipated (though that’s truly hilarious!).

  2. You shoulld try downsizing his entire body in photoshop beside a marisol doll….just mess around with it and you will probably be able to figure out what needs to be tweaked to feel like he is more proportional to marisol dolls. He does appear much too big in comparisson, but I’m not so sure I view him alone as unproportional. I think him alone looks right.

    1. Thank you, Boots. I’m trying to open my female paper doll nation.

      Yeah, I need to mess around with it more K. I agree it’s off… But then… you should have seen my first version. I think Julie might have a point with the main problem being the size of the head.

    1. That’s odd Erin, since there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the code. Try emptying your Cache and trying again. That often solves the problem for me.

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