Some Stuff I learned in my Travels….

So, I had a plan.

And it was a good plan.

I looked at the calendar and I thought… I have two weeks before I present a conference and then go to two other conferences, I have time.. I can get ready for July. It’ll be easy.

And it turned out I was really really really wrong.

So… no real post today, but instead I offer a list of the things I learned while traveling:

    1. It is possible to use the word “visioning” in the sentence and not be sarcastic, though probably not by me.

    2. It is possible to get lost within 5 blocks of my destination more than once.

    3. Some of the buildings in Chicago are quite beautiful, though most are just really tall.

    4. Being called Miss. Rachel is not JUST a Southern Thing…

    5. That lake in Chicago is really big… Also, on a clear day, you can see Michigan. Hi, Michigan…

    6. Academic papers on the history of the escalator are surprisingly engaging.

    7. The Chicago City Museum’s Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit is really cool and is up until January and everyone should go see it if they can. It rocked.

    8. There was this dude named Beverly Nichols who wrote this great book I want to read called Crazy Pavements and then faded into obscurity.

    9. Librarians are nice people and sometimes being one means that publishers give you free stuff.

Normal paper doll service will resume later this week. 🙂

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