Magnetic Set for Grandma…

grandma-vintageSo, I made my Grandma a set of magnetic paper dolls. And she was very happy. And she sent me this very nice thank you note and she observed that her paper doll was lonely.

So, I made her additional dolls. Since she does not use the internet, I feel completely safe posting these here. The originals have been cut out and, along with more clothing from the other Marisole Magnetic sets, been sent off for her to enjoy. I am thinking of them as an early Mother’s day present for her. I’m working on something for my Mother as well, but since she actually reads this blog, I have to be tight lipped about the whole affair.

Please note that these girl’s can wear anything that the Magnetic Marisole’s can wear, so feel free to make them pirates or something.

You can get directions for making magnetic paper dolls, if you need them.

Vintage Styled Paper Doll
thumb-grandmas-paper-doll thumb-grandmas-paper-doll-2
Vintage Paper Doll Download Vintage Paper Doll’s Friends

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  1. Hi, I love your work! However, I couldn’t download the Vintage Paper Doll Download, it was the same as Vintage Paper Doll’s Friends. Thanks again for the paper dolls, I really appreciate coming to your site and seeing what’s new!

  2. Hello– I’m having the same difficulty that the above commentor did: both links load the Vintage Friends PDF. I also wanted to let you know that I have a friend serving in the Peace Corps in Tunisa right now. As you can imagine, it is an emotional roller coaster, and she’s only 3 months into it. SO, to brighten her day, I sent her the link (she can’t receive postal mail yet) to your Pirate vs. Ninja: Pirate wardrobe set. She’s a fan of all things pirate and it totally made her day; thank you!!

  3. Opps… my bad on the links. Those should be fixed now. Typos in the code. Thanks for letting me know, KC and Jill. I sometimes don’t proof as well as I should when I get a post finished late at night.

    I’m glad the pirate made your friend happy, Jill. There are many pirates on the site.

  4. Love these dolls (love all your dolls, actually). I print and cut them out for my adult special needs daughter and she has so much fun with them. After I read this blog entry to her, she asked me a question that I couldn’t answer. I told her I’d ask you. She wants to know how come none of her dolls has a grandmother. She says all these girls need a grandma.

  5. It is true that none of the paper dolls have grandparents, or parents for that matter, which leads to a whole series of questions about paper doll reproduction that I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle.

    The truth is that I’m just not that good of an artist. There is a reason I stick to serial paper dolls where the terror of drawing people is limited. I only have to draw a good looking person once and than I can just copy them. Since I’ve only just gotten over my fear of drawing males (and it’s still not easy), the idea of trying to age the paper dolls is overwhelming at the best of time. Sort of slapping some grey hair on Marisole (which I have done… there’s a Quilter set somewhere), I just can’t imagine trying to accurately “age” the paper dolls.

    So, that is a long answer to a fairly short question, DotRot.

    And yes, Julie, my grandma is redheaded, less freckled these days, and undeniably feisty. I based the doll on pictures of her from her younger days.

  6. Hehe – sometimes I think that’s the beauty of her special needs. The concept of reproduction never comes into play. All she knows is that every girl needs a Mommy, a Grandma and maybe a baby brother or sister to play with. (Daddy’s are optional in her paper doll world – not so much in her real life.)

  7. I love cheaking your websight not expecting an update and then theres a new paper doll! its like opening i present…i love that you share your paper dolls with us

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