“Klippdocka” is Swedish for Paper Doll…

paper_doll_around_the_webOne of my readers, Erin, reminded me that klippdocka is the word for paper doll in Swedish (since I did that post on Påklædningsdukker) and so that sent me scurrying off to image searches (I actually like Bing more than Google for this sort of thing) and I found a lot and got reminded about a blog I’d rather forgotten about, despite having it on my links page.

Anna’s Blog hasn’t been active in a few years, but since the archives are available, its worth checking out. Her paper dolls are beautifully rendered in pencils and markers, always full color and vibrant. Her main paper doll has incredible historical costumes (this is my favorite) and she has other beautiful paper doll sets as well. I can’t say enough nice things about her work, and I wish she was still blogging with us.

Other Swedish dolls about include a vintage aesthetic paper doll by Agnes Brandels and a Fröken Hallonsemla paper doll with a really cute cat.

Here’s a high fashion paper doll and here’s one that is a ballerina paper doll.

A 30th birthday paper doll with a great Hula outfit is pretty funny.

Vintage style pin up paper doll, safe for work, I promise… and another vintage feeling paper doll named Emily with jumpers, lots of jumpers.

I have noticed a lot of vintage styling in these Swedish paper dolls. I think people associate paper dolls with the past more than the present, which is a pity I suppose. Online dress up games are very popular these days, but for me, as a child, the best thing about a paper doll was getting to draw my own costumes for them. I wonder if that are of the equation is missing, both with magnetic paper dolls and with the online kind.

Who knew looking for klippdocka would make my nostalgic? As always, enjoy the paper dolls.


  1. Polish words for paper dolls are “lalki papierowe”

    I still love drawing my own clothes for them. I usually make my own dolls but I’ve found myself tracing and drawing clothes for Marisol and others I’ve found online.

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