Little Wren Riding Hood…


So, I was asked where the name Flock came from. Basically, I wanted a name that would allow for each of the paper dolls to have a unique name, but wouldn’t force me into a specific culture or letter of the alphabet. The idea was that since so many girl’s names were based on birds like Robin or Raven or Oriel, than it wasn’t a far reach to suggest names like Dove or Swan. In many ways, the names of the Flock are intended to be place holders, so that someone could name the dolls anything they wanted and they give me a way of talking about them and keeping tack of them in my head.

Today, Wren is being Little Red Riding Hood (and I am not apologizing for the pun) and she’s pretty cute. The color palette is not the same as Rapunzel, but it’s the same family of colors, so the two dolls can share some pieces of clothing I think that’s important, since the fun of paper dolls is dressing them up. There are two other Fairy Tale sets in the works, one for Rose Red and Snow White and the other for East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I don’t know which one will be done first. I’d like to also do Morgiana from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, but I haven’t even got it drawn yet, so I recommend people don’t hold their breaths on that one.

Despite my small set of examples, there are actually 136 outfit combinations here, I just didn’t have time to play as much as I wanted. Sometimes life is like that… Oh well… Enjoy Little Wren Riding Hood.


Fairytale Flock: Wren as Little Red Riding Hood Set PDF Downloads
thumb-wren-riding-hood-1 thumb-wren-riding-hood-2
Wren Doll PDF Download Little Red Riding Hood
Clothing PDF Download



  1. I have to admit, I am loving the Fairy Tale theme and can’t wait until the East of the Sun, West of the Moon story… it is by far one of my very favorite Fairy Tales.

  2. I love Wren as ridding hood she turned out super cute. I also can’t wait to see what you will do for eas of the sun and west of the moon that is one of my favorite fairytale i have read every retelling i can get my hands on my favorite was probally east by edith pattou.

  3. I love the color pallet you used i can’t wiat to print her out and dress her up with rapunzel.
    I also think it would be coool if you were to eventually add a blonde flock doll mabey she could maker her debute with a fairytale set

    1. There will be a blond flock paper doll, eventually. I work sometimes months ahead of the blog, so it might be a long time before she appears. I haven’t even finished her yet.

  4. I enjoy that she can share some clothes with rapunzel i have liked to mix and match there wardrobes and dress them up together.I will be excited to when there are more flock sets to do this with

  5. I’d love to see what you’d come up with for a doll named Raven. Maybe a girl with black hair and grey eyes with an enchantress sort of wardrobe?

    1. I actually knew a girl named Raven in school and we didn’t get along. So… I probably won’t be using that name. Thank you for the suggestion.

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