Påklædningsdukker… or I just found out how to say Paper Doll in Danish…

paper_doll_around_the_webI recently received a very kind email from a reader letting me know that påklædningsdukker is Danish for paper doll. This, of course, caused a flurry of Google searching to track down paper dolls I might have missed around the web since many non-English sites never get indexed if you don’t know the right language keywords. (I’d insert a rant here about imperialism, the roman alphabet, the English language, and the internet, but really… I don’t think anyone cares…)

While I was searching Karen’s Blog came up often. I’ve linked to her blog on my Links page for a while, but for those of you who haven’t visited, I recommend her site very highly. Karen’s paper dolls are beautifully drawn in black and white or color and her stuffed animals and horses are some of my favorites.

A collection of paper dolls from what looks like the Danish version of Women’s Day.

Vintage paper doll post cards from the 1950s, I think.

Princess Razibor and her son I am also thinking from the fifties. The mild nudity (and I do mean mild) is interesting for me when I think about how nervous we are in the United States about any nudity at all.

A collection of mother and baby (or Nanny and baby) paper dolls, the different styles through time are quite illustrative of artistic movements. There’s more of the collection if you click on the left side bar links.

A cute paper doll named Liv (I think?), I couldn’t find the source site.

I hope everyone enjoys the paper dolls in Danish. I certainly had fun tracking them down and learning a word in a new language.


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