Marisole Monday & Friends: Phoenix & Smoke (A Friend…)

Hey, It’s a MAN.

The most commonly requested thing for the blog, outside of sometimes asking for more things in black and white, is for a boy for Marisole Monday. I know this has taken a long time to happen and I don’t regret that. I drew about seven versions of this pose before I finally had one that I felt didn’t look like he was HUGE next to Marisole and her friends or looked like he was creepily androgynous (not in metro-sexual way, but rather in a… disturbing alien sort of genderless way).


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So, today we have the first of the males of Marisol Monday. Since the girls are Marisole, Mia and Margot, it seems only fitting to give the first of the boys an M name as well. After some thought, I have settled on Marcus. Though I have been often asked for a boyfriend for Marisole, I am not defining Marcus’ role. He could be a friend, a brother, or a lover. There’s no reason to be hetronormative with Marisole Monday. I should also add that since the Marisole Monday family is growing, I’ve renamed the sets “Marisole Monday & Friends” and will probably be redesigning their logo in the future.

I am going to confess right now that I don’t know how many Marcus’ dolls I will do. I have two other sets in the works, but as I have mentioned before, I find men’s clothing really dull for the last two hundred years or so. I work on a college campus and so I get a fairly good look at what young men wear these days and well… I just can’t imagine drawing hoodies and jeans for the rest of my life. I’m not say there won’t be other boys in the Marisole Monday world, but they probably won’t be too common.


    1. I know, but men’s costume even historically tends towards the same basic silhouette, where as women’s clothing is more flexible.

  1. You could do so much with pantaloons and ruffles and slashes though! At least do a jester! Oh a jester would be fantastic!

    Or pirates, lots of awesome pirate costumes out there. Any sort of soldier or military costume, and of course there’s different cultures to draw from. Men do act like peacocks when their society gives them the chance =)

  2. hi i have almost all of the marisole monday dolls and i think they are amazing i wanted to know how you draw the clothes for them i have stuck a doll up on my window and put a piece of paper over but when ever i try do draw clothes they look really weird i was wondering if i should look at fashion books or the internet for how i should draw them
    thx coolychick
    p.s. i love this blog

    1. Drawing clothes is a matter of lots of practice. Fashion drawing books are great places to start if you want to learn to draw clothing. My favorite is Fashion Sketchbook by Bina Abling, but it’s pretty advanced. It’s a textbook used for fashion courses in universities. 9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion by Nancy Riegelman is another good one, though, again, it’s pretty advanced. I learned to draw by drawing, a lot, and redrawing and than drawing some more. And I am still learning, I don’t have any formal art training. Your local library probably has some books, but you also have to learn to look. Stand before a mirror and look at how your clothing fits onto your body- the way the sleeves curve at your wrists, and way the skirt falls over your hips, all of that is important to making things look like a “person” is wearing them.

      And if it makes you feel any better, when I look at my own art, I still think some of it looks “weird”, but practice helps.

  3. I recently found your blog when I searched paper dolls for teaching english names of clothing to my daugher. Soon your characters became very popular in my family. She and my son spent complete evenings with cutting and coloring them. They prefer the black and white versions as they can color them. Could you do some more black and white boys as they are my son’s favourite ones and are in minority here… And thank you for all your fantastic work!

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