Meet Faye: A New Paper Doll Series is Born

Some of you probably remember my Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Paper Dolls which I did last month. After I did them, I found myself drawing a lot more for this pose. So, I decided to actually name the first of the dolls. I have named her Faye, after a Chinese foreign exchange student I knew in graduate school. Her wardrobe, like that of my grad school friend, is girly and a hint of boho. I haven’t updated the Printable Paper Doll Index with her yet, but I will be soon. Probably this weekend.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print{Click Here for the Rest of the Series}

By the way, the new series needs a name. So, I am asking for recommendations for a good name for these little paper dolls. I’ll select my favorite from the comments in a week (Friday the 22nd) and the winner will get a custom paper doll set of their choice.

It’s been a while since I did a contest and so the rules are as follows:

      1. You can enter up to three names.


      2. You can only win one contest a year.


      3. I will announce the winner on the blog on the day the contest ends. I will also email the winner at their email address attached to the comment. If I do not hear back from the winner within a week, I will use a random number generator to select the next




    4. The winner will receive a one page custom paper doll based on one of my paper doll series within a month of the end of the contest. Sometimes life gets in the way of this goal, but I will email the winner if that is the case and we can make other arrangements.

So, enter your paper doll series names and we’ll see what we’re going to call this new set of paper dolls.


  1. Pocket Pals, sounds better than Pocket Friends but since I got the idea from her I’m not entirely sure who should get credit for that name.

  2. Paper Holiday, Missy Dreamers, or maybe Fields of Friends 😀

    Idk, was trying for something catchy…I just do graphics, I’m no ad woman for sure lol ;-p
    P.S. I love the color choices for Faye!!

  3. this reminds me of the kudos system at
    you offer a translation, someone comes later with a minor improvement on that…and gets the kudos (I’ve stopped contributing because it made me soo angrrrry: but that was a professional matter, here of course is different)
    so just to contribute to the brainstorming session, I’ll “steal” from Jezery D. and suggest “QTs”
    (not the catchiest, nor the fittest – unless you plan give the series a sci-fi bent – but I bet it’ll be the shortest…)
    btw, contratulations for the youtube video!

  4. Firstly, this was really cool seeing this post on my birthday! I know you didn’t even know it was my birthday, but thanks so much! Here are my suggestions: Birds of a Feather, New Girl in Town, or Extraordinary Girl. My mom thought of this name, Corrine, for a paper doll, in case you would like to use it.

  5. How about “Whimsies”?
    (I’ll be honest, though: I hope they won’t replace the Pixies in your affection, the Pixies are _irreplaceable_, W the Pixies)

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