Marisole Monday: Maurader Princess

Today we have Margot and apparently she’d decided to become a brigand and rob from either the rich or the poor… though robbing from the rich does have the advantage that they have stuff unlike the poor who are, generally, poor. I wanted to call this set pirate something, but I didn’t want to use the word pirate, so I went in search of a synomyn and came up with maurader. And yes, I was thinking of Xena: Warrior Princess when I added the word princess to the title.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

I know I’ve mentioned my weird love of that show on this blog before. Speaking of shows I like, I did see the latest Grimm episode on Friday, during which I did draw paper dolls, and while I enjoyed the show, I was struck with how exposition filled it seemed. I thought it was sort of weak. I hope for better things soon enough.

I feel like this Margot paper doll could be friends with my Gypsy Rose who exists in black and white and color. It’s weird to me to think that I posted that set just under two years ago. I can see a lot of things I still need to improve and a few things that have improved.

So, it’s pretty late on Sunday as I write this and I really should be getting into bed since once I start talking about my TV show watching habits, I know there’s a problem. By the way, did anyone else see the new Grimm episode and what did they think?… or you can comment on the paper doll. That would be cool too.


  1. First off, I love this doll! I can’t wait to print her out and color her! Gypsy Rose could definitely be her friend. Will there be any boys for Marisole Monday? Secondly, I did see Grimm. At first I wished I would have watched some episodes prior, but shortly everything came back to me. I really hope Juliette and Nick get back together. I can’t believe that Adalind is going to have a baby! I wonder if it takes the same amount of time it does for a regular human.

    1. I agree that the Grimm episode was a little weak and the whole Adelaide pregnant thing kinda weirds me out a little. Other then that, I enjoyed the episode a lot. There might be a guy for Marisole on the horizon. I’m not making any promises, but something is in the works.

  2. I love this doll. It’s going to be so fun to color. I can’t wait. It was also be cool to see what you choose for colors.
    Sadly, I don’t watch Grimm often. I did realize today that I spend more time on your blog than I do on Facebook. It’s more fun here. Thanks for the lovely doll.

  3. hmmmm…not a fan off the doll but i LOVE the clothes!!!! I toook the doll from with Pirate vs. Ninja Pirate Edition and put her with these clothes. I do that often

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