Rapunzel… The First of the Flock Fairytale Magnetic Series

Today I am totally pleased to present the first of the Flock Fairytale series which is Rapunzel. Rapunzel is one of those fairy tales that sorta freaks me out.

Somehow Disney turned it into a rather cute movie, but I just can’t get over the gruesomeness of original story what with the people getting blinded and all. Plus Rapunzel means like “salad greens” or something in German (according to a German friend in Grad School) and isn’t that a little weird? Naming your child after salad greens is, I suppose, a small oddity, after you’ve locked them in a tower for 18 years.

In the Grimm version, Rapunzel is a blond, but I don’t see why blonds should get all the fun. (Plus, I don’t really have a blond Flock doll…), so Phoebe gets to rock the Rapunzel look.

As I mentioned, this fairytale is weird, so I wasn’t going to do a Rapunzel, but when I was researching steampunk/neo-victorian (can someone explain the difference between those two things to me someday? I feel like neo-victorian is just steampunk without the gears and goggles…) fairy tales for inspiration I came across this drawing and I knew I had to do a Rapunzel.

Oddly, she’s the first one I’ve finished though I drew Red Ridinghood before her. I’ll get Red Ridinghood done in a few more weeks, I think.

By the way, there are 102 outfit combinations possible from this Flock set which is pretty wacky… though that high number relies on the large number of pairs of shoes (six) accompanying the nine main outfit pieces.

People supported my last foray into wacky ideas with my Noir Punk set, so I hope people like this one too.

Fairytale Flock: Phoebe as Rapunzel Set PDF Downloads
thumb-flock-fairytale-rapunzel thumb-flock-fairytale-rapunzel-2
Phoebe Doll PDF Download Rapunzel Clothing PDF Download

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  1. I like your funky cool Rapunzel!

    So, just for the record, the reason she’s named after salad greens, is because that was her mother’s pregnancy craving. AND said pregnancy craving is what caused her father to steal from the witch’s garden, thus sealing Rapunzel’s fate.

    “”What ails you, dear wife?”

    “Oh,” she answered, “if I don’t get some rampion to eat out of the garden behind the house, I know I shall die.”

    The man, who loved her dearly, thought to himself, “Come! rather than let your wife die you shall fetch her some rampion, no matter the cost.” So at dusk he climbed over the wall into the witch’s garden, and, hastily gathering a handful of rampion leaves, he returned with them to his wife. She made them into a salad, which tasted so good that her longing for the forbidden food was greater than ever. If she were to know any peace of mind, there was nothing for it but that her husband should climb over the garden wall again, and fetch her some more. So at dusk over he got, but when he reached the other side he drew back in terror, for there, standing before him, was the old witch.

    “How dare you,” she said, with a wrathful glance, “climb into my garden and steal my rampion like a common thief? You shall suffer for your foolhardiness.”

    “Oh!” he implored, “pardon my presumption; necessity alone drove me to the deed. My wife saw your rampion from her window, and conceived such a desire for it that she would certainly have died if her wish had not been gratified.” Then the Witch’s anger was a little appeased, and she said:

    “If it’s as you say, you may take as much rampion away with you as you like, but on one condition only — that you give me the child11 your wife will shortly bring into the world. All shall go well with it, and I will look after it like a mother.”

    The man in his terror agreed to everything she asked, and as soon as the child was born the Witch appeared, and having given it the name of Rapunzel, which is the same as rampion, she carried it off with her.”

    In that context, being named Salad Greens makes total sense, right?

    By the way, if you are going to be doing fairytales, you should TOTALLY check out this website, cuz it’s AWESOME: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com

  2. It might make sense…. but I still think saddling your child with the name “salad greens” is going to cause long lasting issues…though, I suppose, locking the child in a tower isn’t helping either…

    That is a cool website.

  3. Thank you, B, Kat and Julie, for your kind words. The hairbows are an example of something that would be very difficult to achieve with a traditional paper doll (because of the “where do you put the tabs?” problem”), but are easy to achieve with a magnetic paper doll.

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