Mariana… A Steampunk Paper Doll


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First Pixie paper doll of the new year. That deserves some excitement, I think.

Maybe not for anyone but me.

She’s rocking a steampunk/neo-victorian paper doll theme. I think she hangs out with Jian, my steam punk male paper doll and probably makes trouble. Since I’ve had such a positive response to doing Marisole in black and white and in color, I decided to do this paper doll the same way and I might start doing this for all the Pixie and Pucks, we’ll see.


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print} {Click Here for the rest of this series}

Also, the poll is up until the end of the month and people should vote. I do actually pay attention to the poll.

I also pay attention to repeated requests (eventually) and I have had two ideas which more than one person has suggested. One is a cowgirl paper doll which has been stalled lately because I wanted to draw a horse and, frankly, drawing animals is not my thing. But last night I managed to sketch out a decent looking horse, so… a cowgirl may yet appear. The second thing I’ve been working on, and I expect this to make some peeps happy, is a male paper doll properly proportioned to hang out with Marisole.

So, depending on what wins the poll this time will depend on what I work on next year.

My point is this, if you want to see one of these things, vote for it, or if you want to see something else, drop me a comment.


  1. Thanks for posting these pdf’s I love the fact that you include all skin tones. I just printed quite a few dolls for my 4 year old and she is going crazy because we haven’t cut them out(it’s midnight here). I posted your link on my fb page so all my friends with girls can find your site. Thanks so much your generosity and your awesome designs.

  2. I had a few more flock ideas, not that you are probably short on ideas! Adventuring/fearless flock- in old fashioned safari gear, old fashioned moutain climbing gear (long skirts included) and old fashion aviation gear (like that worn by Amelia Earhart/Jean Batten)

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