Flock’s of the Future…

It’s all Flock stuff today in the preview department.

I’ve been working on a set of Flock’s based on the classic “warrior, thief, wizard, cleric” thing from epic fantasy novels (also Dungeons and Dragons, but I was trying to avoid admitting that). These pieces are part of the “cleric” set which is inspired by the cliche oracle who sends hero on their missions.

I generally don’t think a lot about children, but I wanted to work on a set of pieces that would be easy for kids to manipulate. That’s why I created these fantasy dresses in one piece rather than layering the elements like I did for the Oracle above.

To go with my Little Red Ridinghood, this is a different set of fairytale clothing. I think the story is obvious, but I was told by others it wasn’t. Anyone care to guess?


  1. umm Rapunzel….I’ll admit though that I only know for 2 reasons. One the shirt with the tower and the hair. and 2…It says it in the corner

  2. Yeah, it says so in the corner because people kept telling me they didn’t get it. Maybe my friends are just slow on the uptake? And don’t worry, you didn’t sound rude, Kat.

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