Meet Octavia- A New Printable Paper Doll In Black and White


{Link to a printable PDF of the Octavia paper doll}

I have to confess that this was a paper doll of contrasts. I like certain parts (her hair and her shoes) and I dislike other parts, but I think all in all, it came out well enough for me to post it. I wasn’t totally pleased with her mouth, so that got changed a bit with Photoshop to make her look less angry. Her hair style is based on one a student in one of my graduate courses wore her hair in. I always thought it was neat and I loved how huge the side buns were with her hair teased out a bit.

Somehow, she made it look sophisticated rather than absurd.

Enjoy the paper doll. There will be another one up on Monday.

In a fairly unrelated note, check out these beautiful kimono’s made from African fabrics. I am totally in love with these, but then I am obsessed with anything which mixes cultural garments.

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2 Responses to Meet Octavia- A New Printable Paper Doll In Black and White

  1. B says:

    I see a hairstyle like that with big hoop earrings, and I automatically think 1970s.

  2. RLC says:

    Yes, there is something very 1970’s about here. Afropoofs, as they are known, were very popular in the 70s as part of the Black Power movement in African-American fashion.

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